Wednesday, May 4, 2011

10 things not to put off until the week of your wedding

I'm compulsive when it comes to getting things done for my weddings, but when it comes to personal tasks, I can be a bit of a procrastinator.  In the spirit of waiting until the last minute, here are ten things not to wait until the week of your wedding to think about...

1. RSVP's there's a good reason you set your RSVP date a month prior to the wedding.  It takes that long to figure out how to fit everyone you know and love into one room without causing mayhem.  Did you ever think your college roommate with an affinity for tequila shots would be at the same party as your aunt who knits sweaters for her cats?  Here's a New York Magazine article proving just how much thought can go into who sits where, a task that should not be put off until the week of your wedding.  Plus, it's inevitable you're going to have to make a few last-minute adjustments somewhere (due to a birth if you're lucky, or an unannounced "plus one" if you're less fortunate).

2. Dieting  Everyone tells you that you will lose five pounds the week of your wedding.  Just believe this and move on.  Eat a bagel, I promise it won't show under your dress. 

3. Menu Cards & Programs You made your menu selections weeks ago, and you've met with the officiant to finalize the details your ceremony, so there is no reason not to get your menus and programs (and escort cards for that matter, remember number 1?) done.  Get 'er done.  Period. 

4. Packing for the Honeymoon  I have a separate post in the works on this subject, so I'll keep it brief.  Make a list, check it twice, and don't forget your passport or your sunscreen. 

5 & 6. Ahem's  Ok, this is personal, but we're all girlfriends here so I'm gonna give it to you straight.  Look at your calendar, and then look at your pill pack.  Do the math, and plan ahead so that you are blissfully "friend" free for your wedding and honeymoon.  Along those lines, the second "ahem" involves your personal grooming rituals.  Do not wait until the last minute to schedule your waxing appointments. 

7. Hotel Goodie Bags The day before my wedding, I spent three and a half hours driving around Charlottesville, VA with a van full of welcome baskets and nothing to keep me company but an iced coffee and my dad's terrible cd collection.  I do not recommend this.  Assign or divvy up this task to a few friends who ideally live locally and/or would enjoy a scenic driving tour of the hotels in your wedding locale.

8. Who's Doing What  You know that friend/cousin/aunt who is always offering to help with something?  Take them up on it.  Really.  They want to contribute and just need you to tell them how.  So look at your list of to do's that you figured would somehow get done before the wedding and start doling out errands and tasks.  Whether it's putting together a ladies' room amenities basket or dropping off yarmukles at your venue, there's no shortage of little "week of" tasks that can be overwhelming when done alone, so put into practice the wise words of John Heywood - "many hands make light work".

9. Wedding Party Gifts They've travelled near and far for your shower in your hometown, your bachelorette weekend in South Beach and your dress fitting in the city, bearing gifts and shelling out cash all along the way.  So reward your dear wedding party with a thoughtful gift (don't worry, there will be a post for this) and most importantly a hand-written thank you note.  After all, there's a reason you picked your dear friend to be a part of your big day, and now is the time to tell them just how totally awesome they are. Do not wait until the night before/day of your rehearsal dinner to start thinking about any of the above details.  Thoughtful gifts and notes require thought, and this requires ample time to not only come up with the perfect gift and sentiments but also time to execute them.

10. Something for your Groom Look down at your left hand.  Locate your pinkie.  Then check out it's neighbor, Ring Finger.  See something sparkly there?  Now think of all the effort, time, sweat, stress and money that went into that gorgeous engagement ring.  What a great fiance you have.  Now think how much he deserves a really great wedding gift of his own, and I am certainly not referring to his wedding ring.  Whether it's a really nice watch, a new iBook or that ridiculously expensive guitar in the window of the music shop he always stops to drool over, you know that one amazing gift that would blow your fiance's mind, so start saving and make it happen.

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