Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Honeymoon Survival Kit for the New Mrs.

Seychelles / Brigitte Bardot
Congratulations, you just pulled off the biggest party of your life.  After months, even years, of planning your wedding, everything went off with only one hitch, getting hitched.  Sure, there might have been a small hiccup or two (I've seen plenty), but they are mere blips on the matrimonial map because, you had the most amazing night ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now it's over.

But don't fret, because somewhere in your hotel suite, under the pile of tulle that is your wedding dress, is a ticket to paradise, and I'm not talking about your marriage license.   It's time for the honeymooooooon! (insert sing-songey Oprah's Favorite Things impersonation).

You bought the skimpy lingerie, the white bikini (if you've got your new married name in rhinestones on the bottom I won't judge), and a half dozen gossip magazines for the trip.  All essentials, mind you, but in the fray of last-minute table changes and re-printed escort cards, you might have forgotten about the little things below that will ensure no beauty challenge goes unsolved.  Ducks to the rescue!

Your husband (doesn't that sound amazing?) booked the honeymoon.  Fabulous, except I doubt he thought to ask if there's anywhere on your remote island destination to get your nails done.  Skip a messy DIY touch up of your favorite shade (Blushing Bride, maybe?) and opt for Sally Hansen Salon Effects.  Made of real nail polish, these strips are easy to apply, don't chip and last for ten days.  Plus, the fun colors (my current favorite being the metallic gold "Raise a Glass") and playful patterns like houndstooth or fishnet make for a great conversation starter.

Pair with individually wrapped nail polish removal wipes for an easy on-the-go manicure like the ones pictured below.
Cutex One Step Nail Polish Remover Pads, Non-Acetone, 6 ea

Hair & Makeup
I have a friend who says that if she ever won the lottery, she would have someone come to her house every morning to do her hair and makeup (love you, Beth).  After having professionals fussing over you on your wedding day, it's hard to come back to the reality of mediocre bathroom lighting and frizzy hair. Here are a few suggestions for a picture-perfect look for your honeymoon photo album.

When you're doing your makeup run-throughs, kindly request of your makeup artist to show you a "day" version of your wedding look to use on your honeymoon.  I always feel you can't go wrong with a strong liner (I swear by this) & lightweight lip gloss a la Brigitte Bardot for poolside reading.  Add oversized shades and a big, floppy hat & you're ready for your closeup.  Here's a great Rag & Bone hat available through Saks.
Skip the flatiron a night or two and try this instead - A Cup of Jo has a great tutorial for great Heidi braids, which are great for daytime beach going and will produce gorgeous, wavy "beach hair" when the plaits are loosened in time for dinner.

A ridiculously racy article of clothing you will likely never wear again in your life
You know when you're browsing online, and you come across something, like a dress that is so tight you can't fart without it making a ripple, and you say to yourself, "Gosh, that dress looks amazing, but I just don't know if I can pull it off without looking like a friend of Ashlee Dupre's?".  Well, ladies, it's time to take a breath and dive head first into that Herve Leger bandage dress and show 'em what you got!  After all, you've been sweating it out at the gym and watching every bite in preparation for your big day, and believe me, one day you will look back at your honeymoon pics and say, "if only I could look like that again!".  And after all, it is your honeymoon, so why not make his jaw drop?

Herve Leger via Saks

Karla Colletto via Saks

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