Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ideas for Displaying your Engagement Shoot Photos

Photo Credit Kelly Guenther

Here are some great ideas for putting your engagement photos to good use.  Whether you want to incorporate them into your wedding, display them around the house, or use them to create a sweet gift, we've got you covered.

I came across this creative use of lucite cubes from Jane of All the Luck in the World via ohdeedoh.com.  I love the idea of backing the frames with engagement & wedding photos, and then displaying meaningful items & details from the wedding, like your man's cufflinks or the antique prayer book you carried with your bouquet, in the cubes. 

Have an overflowing memory box with items from your courtship, like ticket stubs from your first concert together or seashells from that amazing trip to the shore?  Turn plantation shutters into a tabletop scrapbook highlighting memories from your relationship.  Include some engagement shots and other memorable photos.  Bonus idea - this can also be displayed on your escort card table.  See the post idea on Ohdeedoh (courtesy of Stefani).

So you've narrowed down your favorite engagement shots and have twelve you can't live without?  Pinhole Press offers many cute photo products, including this calendar above.  They also have desktop and fridge versions.  For the craftier (and Photoshop savvy) set, use Young House Love's adorable calendar template for a fridge-friendly DIY version - feature your photos as the header instead of the cute pre-loaded text.

Wedding Reception
If you've got the space not only to display it at your wedding but also keep the finished product, consider setting up a display board wallpapered with this Graham & Brown photo frame wallpaper.  Display childhood photos, engagement shots, and include a sharpie for guest book notes.  Or DIY your own board by using these cute fabric decal frames from Etsy shop tinchDesign Studio.

There's the traditional notion of using your engagement shots as your guest book, but beware of a sharpie mustache creeping into a photo or two (or if you've been a particularly difficult bride, don't rule out a set of horns and pointy tail.  Just saying.)  Here's one from shutterfly.

Bouquet Charms

I love this idea of incorporating these charms by Designs by Tami into your bouquet.  It's a great way to commemorate a loved one who has passed, and it's also a great item to make to pass along to future generations for their own wedding.  Cross "something old" off the list for the next generation!  Use a great engagement photo to create a charm and attach it, along with others, to your bouquet.

Make a few of these cute notepads from Pinhole Press to keep in your purse for wedding to do's, ideas and checklists.  You know your mom would just love to have one for her purse, too...it's a functional brag book, a mother's dream. 

Kodak Gallery offers these cute playing cards (thanks to Martha Stewart Weddings for the photo).  Have a set drawn up to keep in your new home for poker night.


Photofetti.com makes confetti, pictured above via Martha Stewart Weddings, that's great for your departure (just confirm your reception venue allows it before you spring for it).

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