Wednesday, May 25, 2011

sick day (some wedding links to keep you happy until tomorrow)

A bicycle wedding in Brooklyn...
Photo by Inbal Sivan

Here are a few sites covering the same bicycle wedding here in my fair Brooklyn.  A few firsts for me as far as the details go...a pinata, cut-off jean shorts as the bride's something blue, the bride and groom riding bikes from the ceremony to the reception and a dead cat (okay, the cat's not dead, but it looks like it is).

See more at:

A Cup of Jo
Perfect Bound
Inbal Sivan

 A sweet, daytime wedding in Paso Robles...
Photos by Jill Thomas
 (Love the place cards)
see more at 100 Layer Cake

Charlotteville, Virginia (yes, please) intercultural (yes, please), backyard (that's it, I can't take any more) wedding...

Photo by Jen Fariello

How could I not include this one?  Three awesome details - 1. Charlottesville (this happens to be the town where I also tied the knot) 2. backyard 3. intercultural American & Indian celebration

see more at Style Me Pretty

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