Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thank you very much for comin' out this evening - Jay Z

While some wedding rules & traditions can be modified, customized or discarded altogether, handwriting a personal thank you note is not one of them.  I'm not sure how pre-printed thank you notes started creeping into existence, but on my personal heirarchy of appropriate responses for a wedding gift, a generic "thank you" message pre-printed on your thank you card ranks just above a mass text message or e-blast....thanx to all for making it this wknd, and thanks for the $.  u rock!, b&g. 

Yes, it can be a chore, but it's nothing a big glass of wine and a Bethenny Getting Married marathon can't fix.  So buckle down, buy a nice pen, get out your list, and find thank you cards or personal stationery you love.  And please, unless you had a guest list over 1,750, do not buy into the notion that you have up to a year to write your notes.

And now, two groups you should also add to your thank you to-do list...

The first are your vendors (your photographer, band leader, venue sales person, etc.) who made your day spectacular.  They love getting a note in the mail telling them job well done. 

The second group are the people who made your day possible, whether it was your parents, his parents, your grandparents or your fiance.  My mother carries around a photocopy of the thank you note I wrote her for my wedding in her wallet every day.  Enough said. 

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