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Emily's Save the Date's & DIY - A Message in a Confetti Egg

Today is the last and, in my humble and totally biased opinion, the best of the three posts we've dedicated to helping Emily + Chris brainstorm ideas for the details of their fall farm wedding in Virginia.  First we picked their colors and design scheme, which you can see here, then we came up with a few great reception food & beverage ideas with a Virginia theme, found here, and today, well, today we have something extraordinary for our bride Emily...or shall I say...eggstraordinary?  Badum!

I have been sitting on this idea for quite a while, and what with Emily's farm locale, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to put this little notion of mine into play.  I've always loved cascarones, a Mexican party staple in which discarded eggs are turned into delightful little confetti bombs.  At first I wanted to use cascarones, or confetti eggs, as escort cards, which is a cute idea for the first, oh, forty five seconds of your party.  It's much less adorable after you've been carrying around a stupid egg for the entire duration of cocktail hour, trying desperately not to drop it while you balance a glass of wine and a pig in a blanket.  And if you do drop it, forget it.  Party foul.  So then I thought, what about as a place card, cleverly perched atop each person's charger plate?  Cute, but Emily's not using place cards.  So then I said to myself, nothing says "this party is going to BLOW. YOUR. MIND." like sending someone an egg filled with sparkles and glitter and colorful confetti (oh, and details about your wedding) in the mail.

Enter the confetti egg save the date.  Now I'm hoping I'm the first to stumble upon the idea, only because I'm so freaking excited about it and want Emily to be the first to do such a fun save the date.  With that said, I'm too tired to google it at the moment as I stayed up late at after lovely barbeque at our friends' house (at which a two year old dropped a corn on the cob in my wine glass, which in turn meant I got to have another glass of wine...jackpot).  Discovering that someone has not only already done my confetti egg save the date but has also documented it on the interweb is just too much of a buzzkill.  So let's move blissfully onward.

I've got a step-by-step DIY for you with as many photos as I could manage with only two hands (meaning no action shots).

What you'll need:

- eggs of any size or color (you could even dye them Easter egg style if you so choose)
- filler (I made paper confetti in Emily's colors with construction paper and a hole punch & as well as glitter)
- tissue paper for sealing the egg hole (approximately one inch squares) & also for cushioning the packaging
- a semi-sharp object for puncturing your egg (I used a wine cork)
- glue of some ilk
- a "save the date" message to place inside the egg along with your filler, ideally no more than one inch tall or wide
- instructions as to what to do with the egg for each box
- a box or packaging
- mailing supplies of your choice (ribbon, labels, tags, stamps, etc.)

It's also a good idea to keep your egg cartons around for assembly.


1. Poke a hole in the bottom of the egg (about the size of your index finger) with your semi-sharp object.  It's always preferable to try to have a clean enough hole on the bottom for the egg to be able to sit upright, but for this purpose, because they will be placed in boxes, it's certainly not the end of the world if you get a wonky one.

2. Remove all egg (prior to this, you might also want to google recipes to have on hand for any or all of the following: fritattas, custards, souffles, meringues, challah bread and/or omelettes).

3. Wash shells with soapy water and allow to dry completely.

4. Prepare your "save the date" messages (I did this one scroll style, so I printed a few messages to a sheet, cut them with a paper cutter and then rolled and tied each individually.  You'll see what's printed inside further down) & place one in each shell:

I just noticed there's a leftover sprinkle from the duckling's first birthday party on the table.  Great housekeeping, huh.

5. Gather all filler and a "funnel" of sorts (I folded a crease in a sheet of paper to use):

6. Fill each egg one third to one half full with your filler of choice.

7. Gather tissue paper squares, scissors & glue of choice:

8. Glue the tissue over the hole on the egg to enclose the filler in the egg:

Good grief.  There's another freaking sprinkle.

9. Prepare your instructions for using your confetti egg.  I made mini hanging tags.

10. Prepare your boxes for packaging.  Here are my packaging materials, from my ever-favorite Paper Source:

Here's my egg tucked in...
and ready to go.

So what happens when your guests receive this delightful little egg, so full of surprise, in the mail?  After a moment's hesitation and an impish grin, your guests will break their eggs to discover this:

Am I the only one who has that Kesha song stuck in their heads?  
"go insane, go insane, throw some glitter make it rain on 'em"

So what's in the scroll?

A silhouette of the Blue Ridge Mountains, similar to the views that gives Panorama Farms its name, outlined in words.

Now for those of you who are friends with Emily, this is not her actual wedding date.  After the incident last week in which a girl's sweet sixteen party details went public on Facebook and resulted in over 1,000 people showing up in front of her house, I changed both the date and their initials to serve as a reminder that this is not the final copy.

The save the date says the following:

She plays with rocks, & he studies ferns,
but for only each other their hearts truly yearn.
They will be wed on a farm that has cows,
with green grass and mountaintops framing their vows.
So start up the tractor and head to V-A, 
please join us for Emily & Chris' big day!

Panorama Farms * Charlottesville, Virginia

So that's Emily's save the date in a (nut)shell.  How much fun is that?!?

If you haven't already looked, here are links to Emily's other two posts - Wedding Inspiration Board & Virginia Themed Food & Beverage Reception Ideas.

And remember, Build Me A Board is a write-in series, so if you'd like to be featured, email me at

Alright, that's it.  I'm off to make scrambled eggs.

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  1. Chrissann, this is spectacular! I love this idea and all your Emily posts :-)


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