Monday, June 27, 2011

Gift Guide for your Wedding Party

I'm not sure why, but I have gift giving on the brain.  Between last week's post on what to give a bride and groom and today's post on wedding party gifts, it's starting to feel like Christmas/Chanukah around here.  Or maybe it feels like Christmas in my house because I just discovered mistletoe in the doorway to my kitchen that I put up last December.

Either way, I've got a great suggestion for my brides who are at a total loss as to what they should give their bridal party.  Certainly there are lots of ways to go about this, but today I'm focusing on one fabulous way to start to make some decisions on what to give your bridesmaids (we've got some groomsmen gifts too for good measure) - Etsy.

I'm sure some of you are rolling your eyes right now, and I don't blame you.  There are some insanely talented and fabulous sellers on Etsy, and then there are, well, the rest.  With that said, there's one particular feature that I love for finding gifts for your wedding party - Shop Local.

Maybe I'm spoiled by living in a really rad town where people make their own ricotta and create whimsical fabric animals in the studio of their garden apartment, but there are tons of great gift giving options here in my own backyard (so many, in fact, that a new store selling nothing but goods made in Brooklyn just opened down the street).  Why not tap into local artisans in your hood that are making really cool stuff and give your guys and gals something they can't find at the mall?

Enter Etsy's "Shop Local" feature.  I put in "Brooklyn, NY" (which also happens to be the home of Etsy itself) and found the following gifts:

I love my Helen Ficalora, but darn this personalized locket from stellasavestheday is cute!

RHolmesCustomLeather offers these great luggage tags, which are also great unisex gifts.

If your maids are of the crafty set, gift each one with one of these DIY astrological sign embroidery kits from MiniatureRhino. Just make sure you've got their birthdays right before you submit your order.

This is so up my alley for anyone (hi, hubs) who needs assistance figuring out what sort of gift I might like (aside from the tickets to Cirque du Soleil I've been not-so-subtly hinting at for, oh, six years).  Paperfinger, which I've mentioned before here, will create custom calligraphy AND a rubber stamp from said calligraphy for your maids.  She offers gift certificates (shown) so your gals can custom order their own version of this most perfect gift.

These, and the other clutches offered by ReidDamnit, make me happy.  I think its the zipper pull, which I'd like to believe is a saber tooth tiger fang.

While not a full gift on its own, pair this local soap from SoapWallaKitchen with other yummy body care gifts (and maybe a massage certificate to boot).

EternallyLinked makes these delicious cufflinks and pendants - especially cute if worn as part of the party's wedding attire.

Let's move on to the gents, shall we?

Loving this LadyLessons laptop bag.

Anyone have time (yuk yuk) for this beauty from MantaraDesign?

While the following aren't from Etsy per se, they are from Brooklyn and they are awesome, so I'm including them here for your (mostly culinary) enjoyment.

Brooklyn's own moonshine from NYC's oldest operating distillery courtesy of Kings County Distillery.  The bottles and labels rock.  

This sounds dangerous - Liddabit's "slurtle" - beer caramel, pretzel & chocolate.  Sounds like a recap of my four years in college.

31 of Brooklyn's best restaurants contribute some of their favorite recipes for this must-have.  Pair it with a class on basic knife skills or a wine 101 class for the full experience.

I'd love to hear what your Etsy Local search would turn up...

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  1. thanks for the love! oh and those slurtles looks delicious!


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