Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How do you say "win a free trip to Paris" in French?

Gagnez un voyage gratuit a Paris!
If you hate the thought of strolling the banks of the Seine with your lover or picnicing in the gardens of the Rodin museum, well, then, a.) you're a communist and b.) you will not be excited in any way by what I'm about to say...

Oh Happy Day is giving away a week for two in gay Paris.  Yep, flights for two & a week's stay in one of my favorite cities (I spent a summer there in college skipping class and getting into PG-13 rated trouble).

There are four ways to enter, all of which are listed on Oh Happy Day - here's the link for anyone who wouldn't mind a free trip to France

The only catch is that, if you win, I'll be taking 50% commission off of your trip, payable in one roundtrip flight to Paris and half of your queen-sized bed.  It's cool, I'm a really good spooner.

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