Tuesday, June 7, 2011

(More) Ideas for Displaying your Engagement Photos


You've had your engagement photo session or maybe even your wedding, and you're sitting on hundreds of gorgeous photos that you are dying to show off, but aside from the frame section at Target, you're at a total loss as to how to incorporate your pictures into your home without becoming the photo frame equivalent of a sweater-wearing cat lady. 

I posted a few ideas here a while back, but I've been collecting a few more along the way, and with the duckling's first birthday party photos on the horizon, I'm on the hunt for great ideas for babies and brides alike. 

Wall Displays
One thing we didn't really discuss in the last post was simple wall mounted photo displays.  I've got a few refreshing options for you all to drool over, one of which has me contemplating rescinding my semi-snarky comment about oversized balloons from my post on making the most of your engagement photo session:

How adorable is this?  Although probably best resigned to your bedroom, this idea is really quite darling (and a potential source of endless ribbing should your husband's friends ever venture into your bedroom).

What's that crunching sound coming through the interweb?  Oh, just the sound of me eating my words.

Look at this picture...what I love about this is that because you read it left to right, you first register the color of the balloons only to secondarily discover their owners.  As Bethenny would say, "amazeballs!".

This idea is something I'm psyched out of my mind about.  I would simply love to see someone use a super oversized frame like the one above, tiled with engagement photos, mixed with a healthy dose of family & childhood photos and other great shots, as the (wait for it) backdrop for their ceremony.  Did I just blow your mind?  No? Not loving it?  Okay, well I am, and it's my blog, so it stays.  Especially considering that sometimes the wall in front of which you exchange vows can lack something to be desired.  Ever seen an EXIT sign in a wedding ceremony photo?  Are you reconsidering yet?  Plus, the added bonus is that you can then include wedding shots in your photo mosaic and display it, as shown in the photo, behind your couch or next to the dining room table.  Ugh, I love this.  And I need a bigger apartment.   

Jars & Containers
The secret hoarder in me loves these two clever variations on the same idea - using jars & vases to display photos.  For starters, you can use the jars for photos alone or as keepsake catchers (not unlike the cubes featured in the first post, the bonus here being jars are much easier to hunt down), secondly, you can use the jars as the base for other curiosities, like potted plants or your salt & pepper shaker collections and lastly, photos in jars or vase cylinders are the perfect way to recycle the 20 or so vases left over from your centerpieces. 

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Modular Photo Displays
Since you're already making one big commitment ("til death do you part" much?), maybe you need a photo display that will serve as an outlet for your more nomadic, freespirited side.  Enter temporary, changeable photo displays, as displayed below:

I love this concept as a whole because at some point, maybe you want to do a display of vacation photos, or baby shots, or pregnancy photos, or Christmas' (or Passover's) through the years.  Just change 'em out and you're done.  Ipso Schmipso.  No love lost. 

This is such a quirkly little website.  When I first stumbled upon it, I instantly loved the little stickers and cards.  After looking over their wares, I've got a couple tricks up my sleeve as to how to put moo.com's products to good use for all things wedding.


How adorable are these mini cards?  Available in card stock and in sticker form, I would order a few of both, using your favorite photos, and slap them on all of the following:

- punch a hole in the card to use it as a gift tag
- put a sticker on the inside flap of all of your books as an unmistakable book plate.  I bet that friend who indefinitely "borrows" books will think twice about keeping your copy of Water for Elephants with your photo now prominently displayed on the inside flap
- use the mini stickers to seal envelopes for your thank you notes (of which you will have plenty) or Christmas cards

Photo Business Cards

Moo also sells a mosaic board for your mini cards.  I'm thinking you can start collecting them, not unlike baseball cards, adding mini cards with each important milestone. 

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