Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Other Party Planning Job - The Duckling's 1st Birthday Party

Tomorrow is the duckling's first birthday.  I'll spare you my narrative on the overwhelming nostalgia for his evolution from newborn to crawling, smiling, talking, kissing, laughing toddlerdom and will instead leave you with a few photos of what I've been throwing my nervous "my son's high school graduation is just around the corner and I only have seventeen more years with this wonderful creature living under my roof with me" energies into - his first birthday party.  Yes, I'm nuts.  Ticket for one to neurotic motherville. 

The good news is after his party on Sunday, I'll have a bunch of photos from all my party-related DIY projects I've been secretly (secret to you, not to my husband who has been subjected to nightly piles of yarn and pom poms strewn across the family room) squirreling away on the side. 

Here's a little teaser to hold you over until the "real" shots and recap are ready...

And while I'm taking the day off tomorrow to sit at home and kiss my baby, rest assured there will be a post tomorrow.  I'm so excited to have my first vendor interview-slash-Q&A for y'all featuring Petal Design Studio.  Trust me, you are going to love what they have to say. 

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