Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Starting Your Own Photo Series

Ryan Marshall of Pacing The Panic Room
I started following Pacing the Panic Room blog when I saw this totally enchanting photo series that the writer, a professional photographer, created to document his wife's pregnancy.  At the time, my husband and I were in that nebulous phase before the duckling where we talked about babies and wondered what life would be like with a new person living in our home with us, but we hadn't yet gotten so far as to pin down a "let's start trying" date.  I had always wanted children (I used to put down "baby brother or sister" on my Christmas list every year), but wasn't ready to do it yet.  (I'm resisting the urge to make a "doing it" joke as I don't think that my husband would be terribly appreciative of me talking about humping on the interweb...thank goodness he just skims my blog for pictures.  He'll glaze right over this.  Don't believe me?  Hey hubs, how's that rash? Just joking, he doesn't have a rash.  But maybe now he'll start reading a little more closely.)

Okay, so back to Pacing the Panic Room - I was enamored with the series in which every week the author photographed his wife and then wrote a little narrative to the yet-born baby for said week, chronicling 40 weeks' worth of belly until the birth.  It was wildly popular and spawned a second series, "Walk to 40 Weeks", where he photographed a pregnant friend in front of a different house on her street every week until they arrived at Week 40 in front of the house where the new family would live.

I know what you're thinking, what the bleep does this have to do with my wedding, lady? 

Well, consider creating your own photo series for your anniversaries - photograph you and your husband in the same action or in the same place every year on your anniversary.  Over time, your photo series becomes not only a scrapbook of sorts but is also a really cool way to line a hallway or wall with photos that are cohesive but also full of meaning.  Starting a photo collection can also be put to good use for other memorable occasions - family vacations, children's birthdays or Christmases.  And when's the best day to start your anniversary photo project?  Duh, your wedding.

Here are a few ideas to consider "stealing":

Can't you just see this same couple, same photo, same tree, in another six years, only with a baby on a blanket in the grass and a toddler running around?

Imagine how cool your kids will think this is when they get to jump on the bed and have their pictures taken.

For the Imelda Marcos' of the bunch...your anniversaries as told in shoes.

My husband and I have dinner at the same restaurant every year for our anniversary (which sadly isn't the same place we were married but it's a great runner-up), and each year we take a picture of ourselves after dinner in the same place - in front of the Brooklyn Bridge.  We have these photos displayed on our bedroom dresser, currently in a frame of three - one for each year.  I can't wait to add a fourth in August.

And yes, we did start a series for the duckling's birthday - we'll be jumping (for joy) every June 3rd in front of (where else) my favorite bridge.

Here are some really clever photo series from around the web, mostly non-bridal but fun all the same:

Cole's Maternity Series - Pacing the Panic Room
Walk to 40 Weeks - Pacing the Panic Room
Clara's Weekly Photo Project - Young House Love
I am 32! - Young House Love
This week your baby is the size of an avocado - Carolee Beckham Photography
Young Me/Now Me - Ze Frank (This is hysterical - it makes me wish I'd gotten my Christmas wish and received a younger sibling to recreate childhood photos with now.  I would look so hot in a Peace Frogs scrunchie right now.)

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