Monday, June 20, 2011

Up & Away - Balloon Reception Ideas

Maybe I inhaled a little too much helium at the duckling's party, because I am finding myself just short obsessed with big fat balloons these days.  I know what you're thinking - there is no way you are going to try to convince me to have a balloon arch at my wedding - and you're right.  But I am encouraging you to take a look at some of these clever and whimsical ways to incorporate a little balloon fun into your reception. 

Climbing ivy has nothing on this.


I would feel justified eating an extra dinner roll at this party.  After all, I've got to hold down my chair.

Source: None via Chrissann on Pinterest

Amy Atlas

You also may not know that you can put LED lights, called acolytes, inside balloons to make them glow.  I have a couple in September who are doing an after-party on a yacht immediately following the reception.  They are rightfully worried about tipsy guests tipping right off the dock into the Hudson River.  Never fear, LED filled helium balloons are here!  For less than $300, they can line the dock with these colorful (and drunken-guest-tomfoolery-proof) inflatable lanterns.  Jackpot.

Singapore, Daily Mail UK

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