Thursday, July 7, 2011

Post Script: Selecting a Raw Space Follow Up (Venue In's & Out's Series)

It is so eery when things happen this way (and don't they always)...just when you start devoting a healthy amount of mental space to something, BAM!, you can't look anywhere without seeing signs pointing to your new mental pet project.  Exhibit A?  The same thing happened a while back with displaying engagement photos, which you can see here.

Today's?  Don't you know that after posting yesterday's discussion on selecting a raw venue for your wedding, I came across this on one of my very favorite wedding sites (100 Layer Cake) - A Brooklyn wedding in a raw loft space using food trucks as the caterer(s).  CrahMAYzing!

Here's the link to check out the full event...

(I'm repressing the neurotic event planner/nagging mother list of "what if" questions trying to surface, like "what if it rained", "what if there was a bottle neck at the door", etc since the event has already passed and it was clearly a success.) 

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