Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weddings are a gay affair!

Kelly Guenther
Everyone knows I live for a gathering of people what want to share in celebrating a public declaration of love and commitment.  This broad loves a wedding!  And boy, were there weddings to be had in New York this weekend.  As most everyone is aware, gay marriage was legalized in the state of New York, with this past Sunday being the first available day to exchange vows at City Hall.  Photog Kelly Guenther got in on the action and caught these great snapshots of couples lucky enough to get a slot in Sunday's nuptial lottery

Kelly and a few cohorts are also offering a "gay wedding in a basket" package to help celebrate in jiffy.  Check out the link here

I'm simply thrilled that anyone who has been lucky enough to find someone to share life's journey with, regardless of gender, are able to publicly and legally commit to one another (so long as I get to plan their wedding).  Mazel!

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