Friday, August 26, 2011

Irene the Wedding Crasher

Greg Gibson
I know they say that rain on your wedding day is lucky, but that's just something people say to make you feel better. 

Or at least that's how many East Coast brides with weddings planned for this weekend are feeling right about now.  Having worried for months myself that rain would force me to resort to Plan B (my Plan A being holding my entire wedding outdoors), I just wanted to say, "I feel ya, chica". 

Go home tonight, pour yourself a big glass of pity punch (or prosecco), shed a tear, dropkick a pillow and watch a movie that always makes you cry.  But resolve that you'll wake up tomorrow, smile at the bride in the mirror, and enjoy your wedding weekend to the fullest come hell or high water.  And if Irene postpones your plans, repeat the above on the couch all weekend, only this time wearing your veil.  And sweatpants.  And know that if not today, your wedding day will come.  If possible, call a really, really pregnant woman.  Trust me, she'll know exactly how you feel.  And just think, she doesn't even get to drink. 

And at the end of it all, know that for the rest of your life, when brides worry that their wedding day will be ruined by rain, you'll smile at them and say, "Sweetie, don't you know rain on your wedding day is good luck?  It rained buckets on my wedding day ten/twenty/fifty years ago, and we are still going strong!"

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