Friday, August 5, 2011

Post Script - A Doozy of a Follow Up Post

I'm feeling retrospective today, so I've got a lineup of post scripts, or follow-ups, to some of our earlier posts.  It's a bit of a potluck, covering new content for six of our old posts.  First up, Wednesday's post!  (too soon?)

So I'm minding my own business when, bam!, I see these:

(Get out your whiney voice) Why didn't I think of that?!?! (Please tell me you did an extra long "I", like I did when you said that to yourself. No wonder we're friends).  These are so adorable - little cards to familiarize the bride's side with cute factoids about the groom and vice versa.  Bravo, La Belle Vie Design on Etsy.  I am totally jelly beans.  After seeing this adorable stroke of brilliance I just had to pore over every single listing on La Belle Vie's Etsy page, and look what I found - a follow up to wedding party gift ideas, the next Post Script for today. 

I'm fairly certain that every group of girlfriends has a playlist of anthems that they associate with each other.  For my college girlfriends, one of "our songs" from one of the many road trip playlists that we made, is Nelly's "Ride Wit' Me".  How hilariously amazing would it be to present your bridesmaids with tailored notecards featuring lyrics from "your songs", the obvious choice from Nelly's classic being "I like the way you brush you hair, I like those stylish clothes you wear".  Or how about these more current (read not from my college days) gems?
"I got gloss on my lips, a man on my hips"
"Ra rah ah ah ah, Roma roma ma, Gaga, ooh la la"
"I got that boom boom pow, them chickens jockin' my style"
Here' another great nod to just how awesome your girlfriends are:

This is really quite sweet.  Also available on Etsy, Bagatelles & Co whips up these charming clutches, which is one gift your girls will be thrilled to use again and again. 
Moving on to the post on starting a photo series.  Do you remember the photo of the bride and groom jumping on the bed?  Well how's this for a follow up!

Source: None via Chrissann on Pinterest

I also thought this mise-en-abyme style photo idea was pretty clever (I was a French major in college and have stored all sorts of useless anglo-franco vocabulary away in my little bird brain, "mise-en-abyme" being one of them, meaning the visual effect of a limitlessly repeating item within the item within the item, etc.).  It's really quite annoying.  C'est la vie. 

Behold these two additions to our book themed inspiration post, a library playing host to a wedding ceremony (in Brooklyn, no less) and a book backdrop for a dessert buffet. 
One of my favorite inspiration boards was the paper themed post, and these follow-ups don't disappoint!
I love these paper airplanes.  I've always wanted a bride to make a wedding program that doubles as a paper airplane, complete with dotted fold lines and step by step instructions.  This comes pretty close to satisfying that desire.
And remember this "love the look, steal the style" we did based on Freeman's?  Well, don't you think this wedding comes pretty darn close?  Fab!

That does it for now.  I'm always on the lookout for ideas to add to our collection, so I'm sure more post scripts will peek up here and there.  Until then, enjoy your weekends!

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