Friday, September 9, 2011

Guilty Pleasure Blog - W. Scott Chester Photography

W. Scott Chester's wedding photography is so good it makes me nauseous.  While some photographers excel in only one style of photography, W. Scott Chester's team does an impeccable job of stylizing their take on the day to reflect the overall tone of the wedding.  From sunkissed, homespun weddings to modern, graphic fetes, W. Scott Chester enhances the coverage of the wedding with photography techniques that match the tone of the day, which means I can waste invest lots of time living vicariously wading through infinite wedding themes.  W. Scott Chester's blog is like Wonderland's Cheshire cat, luring me further and further away from reality.  Approach this blog with both hushed reverence and white knuckled alert, which coincidentally also happens to be how I approach cats.     

Too lazy to scroll back to the top?  Here's the link to the blog again.  

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