Thursday, September 15, 2011

Post Script of All Post Scripts - Villa for 10 in Jamaica GIVEAWAY


Pop quiz: remember when I wrote about this awesome ipad app called JetSetter when I listed a few great (but not super obvious) apps for brides here?  No?  Didn't catch that one?  That's okay, because I'm not only accepting your apology (I can see you making that awkward "eek" face through the monitor), but I'm also passing along an opportunity to win a stay in the most ridiculous private villa for you and ten friends in Jamaica.  Your celeb-worthy vacay will include a chef (check), butler (yes, please) and two spa attendants (double win) for your leisurely enjoyment.  Just click here to enter to win.  Then start working on your Jamaican accent..."slappin' da bass!" 

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