Monday, October 3, 2011

Wedding Guests' Guide to NYC

Tribeca Rooftop courtesy of
The hubs and I attended a wedding last weekend at Tribeca Rooftop here in the TriBeCa neighborhood of New York, home to Robert DeNiro and, not coincidentally, one of the most expensive zip codes in Manhattan.  With the bride & groom from California, the bride's family from Italy and suburban New Jersey and the groom's family from Oklahoma, we found only two other people at the wedding who actually lived in New York.  And by New York I mean Jersey City, which isn't really New York at all. 

The evening was chock full of great music, fabulous food and progressively louder "Boomer! Sooner!" chants (apparently it's an Oklahoma thing) as the night progressed.  Here's a video clip from the wedding.  I'm the one wearing red:

All joking aside, the wedding was stunning.  There were sushi rolls, crab claws, four kinds of cannolis, and I had them all.  The bride was a total knockout, and the groom wrote vows that made his own groomsmen cry.  There were tears, laughs and a small mob of Italians assaulting the dessert table, my husband included.  Being the lonely representatives of New York at the wedding, I found that lots of the guests at the bar had questions about visiting my fair city.  They wanted to know what baseball games to see (Yankees for sport, Mets for food) and whether New Yorkers really eat hot dogs from push carts (No, we call them "dirty water dogs", and we don't.  Unless it's two in the morning, but even then it's more likely a schwarma from the halal cart).

I thought the best way to help would be to start a new series, so enter....a Wedding Guests' Guide to NYC.  We'll talk about where to eat, what to see, where to stay and what to wear for your next trip to the Big Apple.  It should be lots of fun with a few twists to your usual guide book recs.  Heck, I may even write about Brooklyn, too.  After all, there's no where in Manhattan to ride a vintage carousel within view of the Brooklyn Bridge. 

Jane's Carousel courtesy of

If there's something you want to know for your next trip to NYC, give me a holler.  What are your favorite things to do in the Big Apple?

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