Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Honeymoon is....Complicated

From W. Scott Chester

I've been away for a while.  Three months to be exact.  First came the busy fall events season (as in 4,050 guests at seven events over 12 weeks), then the visit to Santa, the gift wrapping, the Christmas dinner cooking, the New Year's trip to Boston, and then, well, next thing you know it's been three months since I've written.  One-way ticket to Schmuckville, please.  And make sure the seat is extra wide because we also learned, to our surprise, we're adding another duckling to the brood. 

In the midst of all this "stuff" (and by "stuff" I mean daily life), carving out the time to casually peruse my favorite wedding inspiration sources just didn't happen.  Lots of things went by the wayside (you should see my eyebrows), and this blog is no exception.

Therefore, I'm making a New Year's un-resolution.  While I will still write about weddings (how could I not?), I'm going to give myself a little freedom to post about other non-nuptial-related items that I feel I want to share, like the first annual Christmas video I made in lieu of sending out holiday cards, or a great DIY for wall art.   I might even decide to post about my super anal and top-secret meal planning regime that involves a private blog and printed labels.  Anything is possible.

The point is, I love doing this, but in order to sustain it, I need the freedom to write about lots of things that inspire me, not just weddings.  I'm not hanging up my white dress forever, I'm just letting out the seams to fit better.


  1. Yes! I'm down with this idea. Anything to get my daily laugh quota up. Will update you on my wedding sitch when I have a minute or two. Oh also, CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. Thanks, Emily! You know I am dying for a full update! And please keep the questions (and reading) coming. I really love and appreciate both!


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