Friday, February 3, 2012

30 Minutes or Less - Home Movie Edition

My ride on the F train in the mornings is about 30 minutes give or take.  Smart people read books, tired people sleep, and I make videos.  No, not those YouTube videos of subway girl fights or drunk guys singing Frank Sinatra.  I make home videos on my iPhone about everything from a day at the beach to the duckling meeting Santa.  Because I sort of suck at making scrapbooks or photo albums, I rely pretty heavily on my iMovie app to help record those days, big and little, that I want to remember in years to come, from that unusually warm October day where we went fishing and the duckling had his "polkies" (chubby thighs) on display to our fun-filled day together meeting Santa and going to lunch at Hillstone. 

It's surprisingly easy how quickly you can pull together a quick edit.  From the time I get on the train to the time I arrive in Midtown, I usually have the whole thing done with time to spare for two or three viewings to admire a job, well, done. In fact, the video-making is so easy that I did a video Christmas card (featuring the Santa visit) this year instead of never-would-have-happened printed cards.  We plan to continue the video tradition in years to come in the hopes it becomes a family project we can all create together. 

The added bonus is getting to indulge the grandparents, who live two and seven hours away, in an ordinary "day in the life" video of our little guy.  I even made a video for the hubs while he was in LA on business "from the duckling".  His reply was "never do that again", meaning I cried like a baby alone in my hotel room because it was so moving and I'm the luckiest man on the planet.  TKO, sucker!

I'd say it $4.99 well spent.   

PS - Theres sound for both videos, but lucky for us all, it's not of my husband singing.

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