Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We Painted a Zoo

I had three valentine's last night - my big man, my little man and his best friend, "Weeb", as he is called in our house.  I had seen these darling animal templates on and thought they could be a fun way to keep two drowsy toddlers busy (and quiet) as bedtime neared.   

Painting and drawing are all the rage in our house right now, with colored pencils being for daily use, reserving watercolors for "special occasions" (also known as "the weekends", when the duckling spends most of his indoor time in various states of undress.  I'm from the South, that's just what we do).

Weeb got a little more creative, using two kinds of brushes as well as colored pencils.  The duckling mostly just likes dipping the brushes in water and then trying to sneak them onto his face. 

After a while they moved on to more exciting things, which means only one thing - Elmo (last night's screening being Elmo In Grouchland starring Mandy Patinkin), leaving me time to cut out and assemble the little beasts once the paint had dried. 

One of them even ended up with a face.

Sad elephant. 

But happy kids.  If they were a little bit older, I would have loved to bedeck this little zoo with my favorite color - glitter - in honor of Valentine's Day, but my vaccuum's too crummy to attempt that anytime soon. 

Wedding-wise, with a little zhuzh, how adorable would these be as escort cards or place cards at a wedding?  I would love to print these on patterned paper (stripes, polka dots, gingham or chevron) instead of solids, creating a preppy little parade of paper animals.  How would you dress up your animals?

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