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Your Burning Questions Answered

Over the past few months I've been getting emails asking all sorts of questions, from "How did you get into events?" to "Your husband seems really cool.  Do you feel like you won the lottery every morning you wake up next to him?" (Subtle, Hubs.  Next time try using a fake email address.)

I figured that  I'd gather some of the questions on a site here for those five of you who may be interested in the answers, too.  The questions run the gamut from wedding questions, event-related questions, and a few personal ones thrown in for good measure.  If there's anything I missed that you'd like to know, just email me

Here's the link to the new FAQ's gallery, located at the top of the page.  I've also pasted it below to save you a click.

In other news, I have a new craftscot (crafting mascot).  I picked him up at the beach this weekend on the clearance shelf at Michael's.  How anyone could walk away from this face is beyond me.  He looks so optimistic and triumphant, like maybe he hasn't yet learned how to fly, but he sure as honey figured out how to grow wings.  I like you, Pig.

On to the frequently asked questions after the jump...

Clearly my mother has a sick sense of humor. 

Personal Questions

Where did you grow up?
In Richmond, Virginia.  I also went to college in Virginia at the College of William & Mary, all three bars are called "deli's" and the locals churn their own butter.

How did your husband propose?
On a run in Prospect Park early one Saturday morning.  I was sweaty and wearing spandex.  If that's not a sign his love is true, I don't know what is.

Where did you get married?
At the Clifton Inn in Charlottesville, Virginia.  You can read all about our wedding here.  Funnily, the weekend before my husband proposed, we enjoyed a lovely dinner at the Clifton Inn, and I was so certain he was going to propose at dinner that I bought a new dress for the occasion.  I was wrong.  Sneaky bastard.  Here's a really unflattering picture of me the night I thought I was getting engaged, wearing the dress I thought I was getting engaged in.  It's white.  How subtle.  P.s., nice snark face, Past Me.  No one's buying that feeble attempt at a smile.  And are you intentionally displaying your ringless left-hand finger?  Wow, you must have been a barrel of fun at this dinner.  Not.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
Costa Rica.  It was awesome. We got to wear helmets.

I actually studied in San Jose in high school (I was in an immersion program where a study abroad was required for graduation.  Como se dice "nerd" en espanol?), so I've always had a warm place in my heart for the people, food, culture and gorgeous beaches.  We talk about our trip so much that two different couple friends of ours have done the same trip for their honeymoon.   

What's your husband like?
You mean this guy?

- he may or may not have been the inspiration for the movie Rushmore
- he's Italian
- he loves to cook
- he's the youngest of three boys, and as far as I can tell he talks to his mother every day
- he's a passionately bad singer
- he has great hair and he knows it
- he's a talent manager for actors, so every so often I get to be a guest instead of the planner at some great parties
- he had cancer (that's actually how we met...story for another day...but he's fit as a fiddle now)
- he's a good golfer
- he once polished all the furniture in our house with ant spray

Have you met anyone famous in NYC?
Yes, quite a few, but these are the more personally notable ones.  When I first moved to NY, I once (not-at-all) accidentally brushed up against Parker Posey's foot on the subway just so I could very casually apologize and pretend I didn't know who she was.  Yes, I realize in typing this out that this is a very bizarre thing to do and many of you don't know who she is, but I have had a longterm girl crush on her, and I was 22 at the time.  I also met Tom Hanks at dinner one night when I bullied sweet-talked him into signing my niece's Snuggie box.  The most recent notable meeting was Lady Gaga in front of a fish store and a pile of garbage.  Here's the photo evidence for both. 

I'm not in either photo because I'm the one taking them.  And yes, that's really Lady Gaga.  You can't tell from the picture, but neither she or my son were wearing any pants.  Soulmates.

Event Questions
What are your favorite wedding websites and blogs?
You can find a healthy list of procrastinspiration here.  Also, if were an illness, I'd be terminal. 

What was your first event?
The literal answer to this question is that in elementary school I created and organized a fall festival that we held in the cul-de-sac across the street from my house.  We had different activity stations, one of which was pulling children in a wagon...tied to a bicycle.  Try doing that in 2012.  We raised a few hundred dollars, and truth be told, the original plan was to slice up the profits amongst my "staffers".  But once we did the math, the take-home for each of the 15 kids wasn't anything to write home about, so we donated the proceeds to the Christian Children's Fund.  (Why didn't I write about this for my college essay?  Instead I wrote a really terrible piece of garbage about being a little league umpire.)

The professional answer to this question was a gala for the Girls & Boys Town at which LL Cool J made an appearance.  The only reason I mention Mr. Cool J is because if my husband ever divorces me, it will be because every single time LL comes on tv I insist on asking him if he knows that LL Cool J stands for Ladies Love Cool James, as if one, he cares and two, I haven't already shared this factoid with him seventy seven times before.  My husband...a very special man indeed. 

Just how many events have you done?
Since I'm not sure when you're reading this, my tally is now well into the 200's including social events and corporate functions.  That's a lot of seating charts. 

How did you get into events? 
The long version of the story involves having to change career paths after my co-workers saw my husband naked (true story, but not what you think), so I'll keep it short - I simply realized that I wanted my career to be something that I loved to do even when I wasn't being paid to do so.

What's the nicest thing a bride has said to you?
It was actually a groom who wrote to me in an email, "When people ask you what you do for a living, you should tell them you make dreams come true."  He happened to be a very funny guy (and is obviously extremely intelligent with discriminating taste), so it was said typed with a wink after I negotiated the heck out of his contract, enabling his fiance to invite more family to the wedding.

Crafting Questions
Where do your craft ideas come from?
Mostly from other people.  More often than not, I see something I like and figure out how to replicate the idea in a way that makes sense for me, like this embroidery-inspired puffy paint project, for example.  I am not particularly artistic (I couldn't draw my way out of a paper bag), but I am stubborn and slightly obsessive, which seems to manifest itself into DIY'ing stuff.  My husband calls it my "sickness", that I always have some sort of project brewing.  I think I was secretly adopted and am part elf, like Buddy, the subject of my favorite movie of all time

What are your favorite crafts?
My most enduring craft hobby is actually knitting, even going so far as to write my own patterns for a few stuffed animals.  The only problem with knitting is how time consuming projects can be, and I don't always have the time necessary to make a sweater or blanket or stuffed animal. So, in some ways all the other little crafts are smaller creative outlets for me, giving me the satisfaction that comes along with finishing a project in a day or two (instead of the duckling's "baby present" sweater I started while pregnant and finished when he was 9 months old). 

fat gnome baby in his homemade sweater
Still have other burning questions?  Email me.

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