Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Donut Bun Tutorial Two Ways - Regal + Rocker

Time for another hair tutoriaaaaaal! 

(I hope you just read "hair tutoriaaaaal" with your best Oprah sing-songy voice because I did.  Actually mine was more me badly impersonating Maya Rudolph impersonating Oprah, but whatever).  Grab a box of munchkins because today we're doing two versions of the donut bun, a staple in the Adele hair rotation.  I think I actually love Adele more than I love donuts, which says a lot.

So onto the hair.  If your hair is long enough to get into a semi-respectable ponytail (so shoulder-length or longer), you can certainly do the "regal" bun.  It takes a bit longer hair to do the "rocker" version since you need to be able to rock a high pony for it.     

Also, this tutorial uses the "loop" technique we described in the bow bun tutorial, so if you haven't seen that one, take a peek.  It goes into a little more detail about how to make the hair loops you'll see below. 

You will need:

- ponytail elastic (two if your hair is thick like mine)
- lots of bobby pins (don't skimp)
- hairspray
- mousse or volumizer (if your hair doesn't hold shape well)
- teasing comb - you will definitely need this for the rocker version.  If your hair doesn't hold shape well, you will need a teasing comb for the regal version, too. 


more directions after the jump...

Moving on to the rocker version!

I also have to thank my photography assistant.

Actually, he was a little miffed that I was photographing something other than him when he woke up from his nap...a little case of the jelly beans.

So there you have it!  One tutorial two ways.  Which one do you like best?

If you give either a try, send me a photo - I'd love to see how it turned out.  Double bonus points to anyone whose takes their picture outside a Dunkin Donuts.  Also, if you're on instagram, use tag #ducksinarowhair and post away!


  1. This is such a great tutorial! Love it!

    1. Thanks, Jo! Are you going to give it a try? :)

  2. This. Is. AWESOME! & I did indeed read "hair tutorial" in an Oprah voice, even before reading that you said it like that in your head.

  3. Neat tutorial! You have amazing hair : )
    Google 'Hair donut'. It uses a lot less bobby pins!

  4. Thanks! I actually tried making my own "sock" donut first, but I wasn't happy with not being able to easily control how big the hair donut was. And even with as much hair as I have, I had trouble covering up all of the sock. They sell "kits" now at cvs, which I haven't I'm used to doing it this way! Maybe I should buy Bobby pin stock :)

  5. I think my hair is too long to use one of the donut things - I have one but I'm pretty sure I would would have to loop my hair around it multiple times to make it work, and that's just a recipe for disaster! I really like the look of both of these styles and I think I can make it work with my long hair. I work with toddlers and I need to keep my hair out of the way, but I am SO sick of the standard cinnamon roll/spiral bun. Thanks! Oh, also it looks really clear which is greatly appreciated by those of us who read a lot of tutorials!

    1. hi megan! my friends with shorter hair don't believe me when i tell them that its sometimes harder to style my hair when it's this long because there's just so much of it - where do you put it all! i'm glad you liked this and that it was clear. i'm new to doing hair tutorials, so your feedback is much appreciated!
      And this hair holds up even with toddlers - I wore my 'rocker' bun to the book reading I wrote about recently and didn't have any problems while chasing around my son and his friends.

  6. Love this! Thanks so much! I've been keen to try the first style after seeing it on another blog, but haven't been able to find instructions. Very pleased that you included pics, however you're missing pic 7!
    Would love to see it too!
    Thanks so much, and keep up the good work. It's a great blog!

    1. thanks for the scoop on photo 7. I added it back in. hope the tutorial works well for you...send pics if you give it a try!!!

      ps thanks for the kind words about the blog :) youre a doll

  7. This is awesome!! I have a "donut" bun thing from the drugstore, but like you, I don't like that you can't control the size. I have medium length hair - I'll try this way next. (Can't believe you have a Joan Rivers necklace. That's awesome)

    1. :) xo cant wait to see the finished product!


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