Monday, March 26, 2012

Looky Looky I Played Hookie

Happy Monday, Beauties!

As noble as my intentions were, I did not glue, cut, curl or bedazzle a single thing this weekend.  How could I when I had this to keep me entertained - a giant trampoline full of balls and boy cousins. 

We spent the weekend in the 'burbs with family and their new, hugely awesome trampoline.  When I was a kid, every year without fail I included two items on my Christmast list - a trampoline and a little brother or sister.  I never got either.  You can imagine then that I was more excited than the duckling to see this monster of a trampoline...until I remembered that I was pregnant.  While I didn't consult my doctor, something told me trampoline-ing isn't recommended for pregnant ladies, what with all the "don't shake the baby" talk.  Thank goodness I at least made the weight limit listed on the trampoline's tags - had I been too big it would've really added insult to injury.  The only consolation was watching the duckling have a total ball (literally) falling all over his cousins, their extensive collection of sports balls and even his grandma, who took a turn on the tramp. 

Actually, I did do one little project, although it was so quick and easy it's almost not fair to call it a project.  I updated a pair of nude flats with a little hot pink racing stripe. 

I slapped two strips of hot pink artists/gaffers tape on these bad boys because I think they make me faster (duh, racing stripes) and they help to distract from my feet, which are threatening to begin the notorious pregnancy swell.  Not cute, especially on someone who already rocks a size 11.   

What did you do this weekend? 


  1. Well at least you know that you have access to a trampoline now so once baby #2 is here you can have some fun on it. Did you ever see Design by Novogratz? They showed their summer house in one episode and then had a trampoline built in to the ground in the backyard, like some had dug s pit and put a trampoline in and made it flush with the ground. How cool is that?

    1. i've never heard of that but it sounds AWESOME. was there netting around it? I don't remember anyone having nets/walls on their trampolines growing up, but I think that's the only way people do it anymore from what I could gather from my drive through the burbs. Probably safer than what my husband did as a kid, which was jump off his deck onto the trampoline.


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