Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Oscar E. The Croissant King

This past weekend we were invited to a book reading and signing of Oscar E. The Croissant King, a new (+ darling) book written by Heidi Humes with some assistance from the eponymous king of croissants, also known as her son Oscar.  The event was held at Erica Tanov, the lovely shop on Elizabeth Street that's run by Weeb's mom (and my friend) Jess.

There were, of course, croissants.  I even caught Oscar the King living up to his title.

The duckling and Weeb were less interested in croissants and were more excited by the toddler-sized water bottles they each received.  Their pants stayed this dry for about seven seconds. 

Heidi + Oscar treated all of us to a reading. 

All of us except for Hadley, that is.

She only came for the mirror.  How vain.

Just kidding.  Hadley's awesome.  And my best friend.  We had a sleepover last weekend. 

My little man had such a good time at the fete that he had to take a break. Also, speaking of vain, I have to just clarify that's not a muffin top, it's duckling #2 in the works. 

My date was even polite enough to sneak off to one of the dressing rooms for a little privacy before picking his nose.  Clearly I'm raising a gentleman here.

So a little more on Erica Tanov.  Jess always has killer stuff on display, like these birdhouses by Tamar Mogendorff (who I've written about before here)...

great wardrobe basics for moms...

and kiddos alike. 

Can you spot Weeb's shirt on the hanger? 

I told my husband I wanted one of everything in the store.  Clearly he was thrilled.

I said I'd settle for my name in balloons on my birthday, like Oscar. 

Copies of Oscar E. The Croissant King are available through the link or at Erica Tanov New York.  And if you're curious, this isn't one of those sponsored post things for the book or for the store.  I just dig them both and thought you might, too. 

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