Monday, March 12, 2012

Paint Chip Project Roundup

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Spring, the season of renewal, Cadbury Eggs and deep cleaning, inspires lots of home improvement projects and fresh makeovers.  So far, all spring (and its attendant time change this weekend) has inspired in me is sleeping through the alarm, running around like a maniac to complete an hour worth of tasks in 20 minutes, holding my breath under a steady mist of Pssst and hoping for better for the rest of the day.

In case you were more productive than me and tackled a fresh coat of paint at home this weekend, here's a roundup of lovely projects using your leftover (or "borrowed" specifically for one of these projects) paint chips.

I've had my eye on this awesome DIY graphic print from abeautifulmess for quite a while but haven't rustled up the time to get 'er done yet.  While I love how cheery the "me, too!" message is, I would replace it with "actually, yes", which was my (awkward) answer when my husband asked me out for the first time.

Garlands are another option for getting lots of bang for your (free) buck.  Here are a few options.

I heart you, heart garland.  From graceandlight.

This is a great idea for making letter banners from rebekahgough.

Here's a fun garland to ring in the spring thanks to littlebitfunky.

Kirsty does a nursery good with this paint chip mobile.  You can find circle and heart shaped punches here (I also picked up a handful from the dollar bin on my last trip to Michael's.)

I love the idea of whipping up a quick color-coded monthly calendar using paint chips from Babble.  From chore charts to dinner menus, this is a great way to get organized quickly and colorfully.

Why am I not best friends with howaboutorange?  I think a girl crush is starting to develop, considering I keep finding myself including her projects in my roundups (like this one + this one). me.  xo

What have you made out of your discarded paint chips?


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