Friday, March 16, 2012

Polka Dot DIY Roundup

Happy Friday, Sweet Potatoes!

If Monday's roundup was all about square paint chip projects, then it's only fitting we end the week with a collection of projects for polka dots.  We gave a pair of old vases a case of gold chicken pox last week, and today we've got a few more ideas for your circular hole punches, papers + stamps. and polkadotsonparade (how fitting) each have a different version of a cute homemade mobile. 

Are polka dots in one corner of your room not enough?  Try a wall-full from ohhappyday...

Or take the plunge with entire room of circles from ohjoy's take on Martha Stewart's idea using contact paper.

If you'd rather take your dots with you, try this t-shirt makeover from momtastic.  I'd also put this on a onesie faster than you can say "polka dotted baby".

bluemossgirls and heylove have two cute party tags and flags for your next spotted fete.

And if you saw yesterday's DIY post on making Hadley's birthday garland, then you already know that whipping up your own version of this polka dot garland from is a cinch.

If you still haven't had enough, here's a post from a while back from a lovely polka dot wedding. 

Enjoy your weekends, and have a green beer for me.


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