Friday, March 9, 2012

Pssst....I have (hair) secret or two

This may sound strange coming from someone who writes for fun about crafts + babies + hairstyles, but I actually don't consider myself to be all that girly.  I've had exactly one manicure in the past two years, I always forget to pluck my eyebrows and I never wear heels.  Maybe its the hormones, but one strange side effect of this pregnancy is that I find myself veering towards all things frilly and girly.  Unlike "Normal Me", I've been spending more time primping and "prettying" up, trying out new lipstick colors and embracing all-things-feminine.  Not everything has changed, though - my eyebrows are still neglected, and I still hate washing my hair, which leads me to Hair Secret # 1...

While I hate washing my hair, I love my hairdresser Dee. He's infinitely patient with my ongoing quest to find the perfect haircut for my naturally frizzy wavy hair, and his ex-boyfriend's name is Justin Beaver. 

So last time I went in, I asked Dee to recommend a dry shampoo.  Dry shampoo, if you don't know, is a hairspray-like product that absorbs oil and makes your hair look "fresher".  Without batting an eye he said, "Pssst is old-school but the best.  It's what all the girls at the strip clubs use."  Say no more.  Hair Secret #1: I use stripper spray in my hair. 

Pssst (or any dry shampoo) isn't just about stretching an extra day between washings (okay, sometimes it's totally about getting an extra day) - Pssst is actually also awesome for BANGS.  All my bang-wearing sisters will tell you that bangs can be enigmatic, mercurial creatures, not unlike some of their wearers.  Pssst is the "Bang Whisperer".  Spray Pssst on bangs that have "separated", i.e. lost that fluffy "just blow dried" look, to add a little pep to your bang's step.  Just to prove it to you, here's a before + after:

So this may be a little bit of an exageration, but you get the point.  If you haven't tried it, do.  And at $3.50 a pop, it's less of a commitment than trying that new blonde roast at Starbucks. 

Onto my next secret, which goes back to my girly leanings of late.  Maybe it's a non-food-related pregnancy craving (is that possible?), but I've been strangely into accessorizing my hair recently, which leads to secret two. 

Hair Secret # 2: My hair inspiration right now is Michelle Tanner.  Not familiar?  Maybe this will help:

Full House anyone?  You got it, dude.  From bows to roses, if it's cute or pink, I'm sticking it in my hair.  Here are a few of my recents:

My husband says I look crazy.  I don't necessarily disagree.  But maternity jeans also look nuts and I wear those, too.  What can you do?  In case you're as cuckoo as me or in case there's a girl or an Olsen twin in your life for whom you'd like to make similar hair zhuzh, here are the steps below.

What You'll Need...

- your "notions", or the random pile of ribbons and doo-dads at the bottom of your craft box you'll be turning into hair zhuzh
- bobby pins - one per accessory unless you're making one similar to the green one above, for which I used four
- needle + thread
- scissors
- glue gun (only if you're using small accessories like my rose or a rhinestone)
- clear glue or anti-fray glue

Aren't these little babies just so cute, or is that the progesterone talking?

This is pretty straightforward.  For the larger ones (the yellow, green and red ones) I just made whatever shape I wanted and then "sewed" (i.e. wrapped the thread of) the accessory onto the bobby pin.  I also dabbed a little clear glue on any cut ribbon ends to prevent fraying.  You could glue your items onto the pins instead of sewing, but the added perk of sewing is that then the accessory can be shifted up or down to accommodate different angles.  The pink ribbon was small enough to tie directly onto the bobby pin, and the little flower got a dab of glue, but here's a little more detail for you.

For the pink bow, I knotted the ribbon onto the pin since it was thin enough to fit through.

I tied a bow and trimmed the ends.

I added glue to prevent fraying, and that was it on the pink one.

For the yellow, I constructed the bow first since the ribbon was thicker.  First the loops.

I gave this a simple stitch in the middle.

I then cut "tails" (is that what they're called?) and a center piece to cover my stitches.

I sewed them all together...

And then attached the bow to a bobby pin.

I did the same sort of thing for the red one, just with different shapes.  Here are the "before" shapes.

The green one was a total cheat.  See the sewn seam on the green ribbon below?

I just cut two pieces to my desired length and then slipped a bobby pin into each end under the seam.  Ipso schmipso.

My cute little flowers just got a dab of glue from the glue gun.  Until I grow a third arm, there's no way for me to get an action shot of that, so I'll leave "Mama-Duck-dabbing-hot-glue-on-a-bobby-pin" to your imagination.  Riveting.

And that's it!  What do you think?


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