Friday, March 23, 2012

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue - DIY Flower Roundup

It's Friday, and I like you, so I got you flowers.  I know, so thoughtful.  The only thing is, their tags read "some assembly required".  I hope that's okay. 

Here are a few DIY flower projects to put some spring in your step.

These little billy buttons are definitely on my short list.  Expect them to make an appearance before the end of Spring.  I saw this through Design*Sponge (who I'll add is a fellow William & Mary alumnae) who featured this darling billy button project from dansletownhouse.  This is one way to avoid my dirty vase water phobia

lovemaegan has a fun + versatile chiffon + tulle pin tutorial.  If everything from my chin to my knees weren't so big right now, I'd definitely whip up one of these for my favorite summer cardigan. 

Given my current (pregnant) state, maybe I'm better off trying to distract people from my giant belly by sporting one of these fancy floral party headbands from ohhappyday.  Considering I was asked today if I'm having twins (um, no I'm not and yes, I'm sure - they checked), maybe I should wear two headbands for double distraction.

If things get really bad (and by bad I mean big) before my July due date, I could always resort to carrying one of these oversized tissue paper flowers around.  Who could ever look past this lovely + large bloom to notice a hugely pregnant broad?  Not many.  Unless I happened to be wearing a bumblebee costume.  Here are the step by step directions from Ruche on design*sponge (alma mater love once again).

Here's a smaller bloom made of wax paper from nicepackage.  These would make for a great party garland, as would the blooms below from scrapbooksetc

Last but not least, this wreath from hellolucky is the bee's knees.  If you ask me, I'd turn this into a baby or bridal shower activity - teach all the guests how to make individual blooms, and then make a wreath out of their lovely finished products. 

That's it 'til Monday my sweet tulips!  Enjoy your weekends, and I can't wait to catch up on Monday!

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