Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bathroom Project Roundup

There's a black sheep in our family, and its name is "the bathroom".  In the three years we've lived in our apartment, I haven't hung a single picture, painted a wall or even bothered with seasonal hand towels (the shame).  If I had to pick two words to describe our relationship, it would be neglect and abuse, and sadly I'm the culprit. 

I've been looking for a few ways to give our sad sack of a bathroom a little facelift, and I'm sharing what I've collected so far in case you, like me, are one bare wall away from a visit from Bathroom Protective Services. 

I really love this idea from marthastewart that adds storage in an unexpected place - above the door.  Between bath toys, flat irons, wash cloths and bulk baby wash, there's no shortage of stuff I'd love to squirrel away somewhere other than under my sink.  I saw a great tutorial here on turning old diaper boxes into fabric covered storage bins that would be great for this shelf.

Here's another great one from Martha, the fancy ol' gal - how to turn an old towel into a bathroom caddy.  I would love to use this as a bathroom welcome basket of sorts for visitors sleeping over, filling each pocket with toiletries that are often forgotten, a washcloth and a new bar of soap. 

Source: soc.li via Chrissann on Pinterest

I actually love our white waffle weave shower curtain as is, but I couldn't pass up this ruffly curtain makeover from houseandhome.  I'm going to hold onto this idea in case we have a girl,move to the suburbs and buy a house with an en-suite bathroom for our daughter's room (none of which is likely, so for now I'll just store the idea in the bottom of my closet along with my stash of my husband's old button downs that I may or may not turn into a quilt to match my recent shirt pillow project.)

If I didn't share a bathroom with two boys, I would love to put this fun idea from bhg to good use.  I have a few pieces by Tina Thor that deserve a permanent display.

Source: bhg.com via Chrissann on Pinterest

If you've never checked out ana-white, be prepared to bow down.  The gal builds all sorts of cool stuff from scratch, including her current mega project - a house.  From scratch.  And not using Lincoln Logs.  It's awesome and nuts (in a good way).  While I will probably never build my own house, I would consider building my own bathroom painter's ladder shelf.  You can find the instructions from Ana White here.

This next project is more my speed.  While imperfecthomemaking made their door storage unit from scratch, I would down-and-dirty this bad boy by hacking one of those shoe caddies you can find at any home store, ipso schmipso.

Have you tackled any bathroom facelifts recently?


  1. I want the story behind "ipso schmipso." If you don't know, I'm going to call in to that NPR show "A Way With Words."

    1. hmm...good question. my friend howard said it to me once and it stuck. while i have no idea where he got it from, if i had to guess, i'd think it's a riff on "ipso facto" in the same way you say "rules schmules"...."ipso schmipso". he went to brown so he likes to say fancy things. i just googled it and 7 of the 9 results were from this blog. not exactly what the kids on the twitter would call "trending". :)


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