Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Birthday Picnic DIY # 1 - Cute Caddies

Happy Tuesday, Marshmallows!

After a week of birthday celebrations, I'm excited to share the quick and easy DIY's I whipped up for our little happy hour picnic in the park last weekend.  I'm starting with the caddies because those are my favorite, and I'm allowed to pick favorites because I make the rules around here, and as of this moment, that's a new rule.  Favorites are okay.  (Geez, someone put on their bossy pants today.)

What I love about the caddies is that they are cheap, relatively quick to whip up, and the design options are limitless (not to mention that, in our case, we had a fridge full of caddy-less root beer bottles for our drinking pleasure).

What You'll Need
- drink caddies (4 or 6 pack, it doesn't matter)
- durable paper in a pattern of your choice.  I used scrapbook sheets.
- scissors
- pen/pencil
- glue gun
- masking tape


1. As a preventative measure, I taped the bottom in place with masking tape.  

2. Create a template for your paper.  If you're using the same containers as I used (Trader Joe's Vintage Sodas), then today must be your birthday, because I'm sharing the template here that I made to save you the trouble.

If you'll be making your own caddies, I suggest first flattening your caddies first and tracing them onto a piece of scrap paper before using your "nice paper".  Once you get your scrap template to your liking,  just trace it onto your good paper.  If you're using patterned paper, be sure to check that you've got the pattern going in the correct direction before you trace and cut.  I made this mistake on my first attempt but was able to redeem myself by using it to make two handle templates.

3. Once your templates have been cut out, fold the bottom tabs and the two sides and warm up your glue gun.   

4. I found that gluing the tabs on the bottom sides first to be easiest, followed by the bottom front tab.  

5. Moving on to the top, fold over the top tabs and glue.  I didn't glue the fronts or sides, although you may find the need to do so if you're using thicker paper than I did.  I did, however, run a little glue along the sides once I had glued all the tabs.

6. Moving on to the handle, I first cut a large rectangle to cover both sides of the handle.  Then I traced the cutouts of the handle.  I didn't want to run the risk of cutting all of them off of the same template only to discover afterwards that a few were a little off, so I did each on individually.

7. Cut out the holes for the handles and glue template onto the caddy.

You're done!  Time to fill up your caddies with the fixin's of your choosing.

Tomorrow I'll show you how we made the personalized buttons, like this one here.

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