Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Eggstraordinaire

Happy Monday, Baby Chicks!

How was your weekend? We ate, then we ate again, then we had dessert, then lasagna, then more lasagna, then meatballs, and then we had an Easter egg hunt, which is why my sweet little duckling is wearing sweatpants instead of his "nice" Easter outfit I packed for the weekend.  We were all in need of elastic waistbands after the food fest that is my Italian mother-in-law's Easter.  His sweatsuit is quite the departure from how my mom used to dress me for Easter.

Did you notice he's hiding eggs in his pockets? 
Here he is doing his best sock monkey impression. 

The most fun was opening the eggs to see what was inside.  My duckling, ironically enough, is allergic to eggs (and nuts, which is also ironic considering that's how most people describe me), so we filled his plastic eggs with stickers, dried bananas, a favorite, and even a few jelly beans, a first.

Yes, that's snot in all the pictures, our ever-present friend during allergy season.  Luckily these were before he had a huge booger blowout that he rubbed all over his face, eyebrows and hair. 

How was your Easter or Passover?

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