Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, Blog! Our First Blogiversary

A year ago today, the day after I turned 30, I started up this little blog.  Looking back, writing my first post felt a bit like  a "Dear Diary", knowing full well no one would ever read it.  Here we are, one year and 115 posts later, and in the course of things this little blog has come to be such a big part of my little life.  In celebration of the 366 (thank you, Leap Year) days since Ducks In A Row Events hatched, here's a collection of factoids from the past year.


Where You're From

Collectively you've found us from 159 corners and countries of the world, with one visitor from 15 countries including Yemen, Turks + Caicos (although it's possible this was actually me when we were on vacation there last April), Tajikistan (that definitely wasn't me), Senegal, New Caledonia, Mali, Saint Lucia, Kazakhstan, Cayman Islands, Guernsey, Faroe Islands, Belize, Bhutan, Azerbaijan and Antigua.  If you are one of these 15 people, hello, thank you for reading my blog.  Let's be pen pals.

The most visitors come, unsurprisingly from the good old USA, with California, New York and Texas as the states with the most visitors.  The least popular state?  Wyoming, which coincidentally is also the last state in alphabetical order.  Wyoming...not winning any races.  Little known fact - I can recite all the states in alphabetical order.  Did you have to sing that song in elementary school, too?  "Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas..."

How You Found Us

If ever there were a patron saint of this blog, it would be Joanna Goddard, my fellow NYC mom-to-a-toddler blogger, who kindly chose to share my bow bun tutorial on her site, thereby directing a few of her one bajillion readers my way.  Joanna holds a square place in my list of beloved people who have been kind enough to pay a little kindness forward, right up there with Tom Hanks, who once signed a Snuggie box for my niece when she was 10 and shy.  Craftgawker and Pinterest fill out the top three ways you find us.  You've pinned this hair tutorial over 2,000 times!  And here I thought I was the only one who was having trouble keeping a braided headband in place with bobby pins!

What You've Read

Here are the posts you've read the most.  I have to say, the most surprising thing to me is the whole hair tutorial thing.  It's pretty unbelievable to me since I'm not a hair guru.  I don't spend hours on my hair every day, heck, I don't even wash my hair every day.  If anything, my motivation in coming up with most of these hair tutorials has been for the sake of saving, not spending, time on my hair.  I'm just glad that you've found them helpful.  Send in pictures when you do your own version of these (OneWed did the bow bun here and shared pics of their finished's theirs.  Cute, no?)

bow bun tutorial

If I had to pick favorites, I'd say there are two general themes for which posts I enjoy writing most - ones when I make things for other people, like the pillows I made for the duckling, Emma's baby gift or Emily's save the date confetti eggs, and ones where I do something out of my comfort zone, like my hair tutorials or the time a reader asked for advice on what to wear to a gay beach wedding.

Here's a link to my very first post.   Thanks for a great newlywed year together.  I've had such a blast hearing from you all and can't wait to see what this next year brings us all.  Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, and thank you so much for sharing a few minutes of your day with me now and then (really, thank you!).

Also, don't forget that I've got our birthday picnic tutorials coming your way next week, so get out your glue guns ready, folks!  Thanks for a great week!



  1. Yay! Happy 1 year! I love that the confetti eggs keep popping up!

    1. thanks hot stuff! when are we writing about your wedding again?? :)


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