Thursday, April 12, 2012

Moms of Toddlers Unite! - Birthday Party Crafty Hour

Weeb turned two yesterday.  If I didn't love Weeb already based on the fact that he's awesome, he's the duckling's best friend and he's got the most insane dimples you've ever seen, he also happens to be a fellow April baby and Aries (as is his mom, Jess), which, although silly, makes me love him even more.  With that said, I couldn't wait to help Jess make decorations for Weeb's upcoming party this weekend.

Jess made the most adorable e-vites using a scanned scribble drawing of Weeb's, and thus the loose scribble party theme was born.  During the boys' afternoon naps, Jess and I holed up in her friend Tamar's studio to make the biggest mess we could create yarn lanterns using directions from here.

Being an avid knitter (although since it's been almost a year since I knit anything, so maybe I should say "former avid knitter"), I have a bin full of colorful yarns that I was more than happy to donate to the cause.

We quickly determined that Jess was a much better wrapper, making me the default feeder-of-the-yarn-through-the-glue-mess person, which brought back lots of memories of making green oobleck as a kid. 

Tamar's animals watched over our balloons as they dried.

I'll share a few photos of the finished lanterns next week.  Sadly, the big red lantern didn't survive, but the smaller ones were a success.  I can't wait to see them in person this weekend while eating an embarrassingly large portion of birthday cake.  Happy Birthday, Weeb!

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