Monday, April 2, 2012

On The Hunt - Easter Egg Project Roundup

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I have to admit that I have an irrational love of all things Easter, probably because it happens to be my birth day.  

Family folklore has it that my due date was April 15th (Tax Day - talk about a downer), but my mom was bound and determined to have me on the 19th, which was the date for Easter that year.  At the time, my dad was a pastor in a church and therefore worked every Sunday, so my mom made a deal with my dad  - if she delivered the baby on Easter and my dad got the day off, he would have to bring her breakfast in bed.  Needless to say, Easter Sunday, April 19th was the first Sunday my dad didn't work in years, I was born, and the morning after they came home from the hospital my mom got crepes in bed.

Here are a handful of egg-related projects to take a crack at (sorry, couldn't resist).

Source: via Chrissann on Pinterest

bhg has a great resource for dyeing Easter eggs using organic ingredients like blueberries, red cabbage, apples and chamomile.  Concocting the dyes are half the fun with this one, especially for anyone who likes to play with their food.

My favorite resource for craft ideas is my box full of project "leftovers", and these twine-wrapped eggs from limeriot are just the thing for scraps of baker's twine or yarn.

This garland from honey&fitz costs less than $10 to create using inexpensive packs of plastic eggs, yarn scraps and thread or twine.  I'd use this same idea to make table runners or a chandelier to hang over the table. 

Source: via Chrissann on Pinterest

Martha has this season's trend accessorizing her eggs - neon.  I love how delicate the thread detail looks on these eggs.

Source: via Chrissann on Pinterest

These eggs, also from Martha, filled with sweet blooms make my heart melt, especially given the inclusion of lily of the valley, which my in-laws had at their April wedding 46 years ago, and which was embroidered on the handkerchiefs my husband and I carried on our wedding day.

Geez, Martha's killing it this Easter.  Here's another project I pinned, only to discover it's also from Martha.  What a rock star, she should have her own magazine or something.

giverslog discovered that plastic eggs can be sent regular mail so long as the total weight is less than 13 ounces.  Cramazing.

Last but not least, if you've never seen cascarones, or confetti eggs, like the ones we did for Emily, now is the time to whip up a batch for your egg hunt.  Get all the directions here.

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