Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Scribble It Down - Weeb's Second Birthday in Pictures

Whoopie! Pie.

Weeb (with more than a little help from his rad mom Jess) threw one darling little birthday party this weekend.   Catering to every two year old's burning passion, the party had a scribble theme, including a giant backdrop for coloring "on the walls".  Cue Elmo singing the Halleluiah Chorus.

The birthday boy took his scribbling seriously.  His best work is done while sticking out his tongue. 

Even my husband got in on the action.  I just hope he didn't draw boobies.

What with the "no writing on the walls" rule being suspended for the afternoon, Weeb and the duckling (mostly the duckling) took the opportunity to see what other rules they could break.

Jump in the crib with your shoes on.  Check.

Jump on Mommy's bed with your shoes on. Check.  (How can you say no to those dimples?)

Here's one of my worst nightmares - my son walking around a house with an open marker.

Here's my new worst nightmare - my son finding and opening a giant container of glitter.

Luckily he still thinks cleaning is fun.

Confetti System's lovely garland, sold through Urban Outfitters, added a little bling to the bash.

Bling makes everyone happy.

Sunny Spring weather (and dogwoods) also make everyone happy.

Tables full of food make me happy

Trains make Weeb happy.  Jess and I both inspected the mysterious spot on Weeb's neck.  Luckily we pretty quickly ruled out curling iron burn and shingles.  We determined it's either pink magic marker or a hickie.  Either way, it means Gabe had a great time at his party.

Wondering about our crafty hour string lanterns?  Here they are in all their glory.


Jess bought whoopie pies from this place.  Weeb dug in with two hands.

Jess had the cutest party favor - her parents have this thing called a Photo Cube that can print photos instantaneously from an iPhone.  Using the scribble wall as a backdrop, Jess took pictures of each family and framed them using inexpensive, colorful IKEA frames.  

Here's Mike taking a picture of Jess' mom and her mom's twin sister for the Photo Cube.  Although they are only five minutes apart, the eldest claims to be ten minutes more mature.  


Thanks to Jess' thoughtfulness, the duckling enjoyed a popsicle on the back deck.  He's allergic to eggs (and all nuts) so the whoopie pies were a no no for our little dude.

Party one of two this weekend complete.  I'll be sharing pictures on Thursday of our happy hour picnic in the park.  

Happy Birthday, Weeb!


  1. I didn't realize H was allergic to eggs and nuts. Yuck. I'm guessing the doctor told you that most people outgrow egg allergies, but not nut allergies. If that happens just start buying him nut-free cookies from Eleni's in Chelsea Market(and he'll turn in to an Eleni's addict just like me).

    -Alli (ICCR Alli ;))

    1. well well well, ICCR Alli! I looked at 26dishes a number of times and wondered who it was...mystery solved! Yes, I'm hoping he outgrows the egg enough to at least be able to eat it in baked goods, but so far no dice. fingers crossed! love the recommendation on Eleni's. I'm always on the lookout for vegan baked goods too, but a lot of those use nuts. Babycakes has great stuff too, but they aren't terribly convenient to us in Brooklyn. xoxoxoxoxoox


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