Monday, May 21, 2012

Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

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You know when you have the most divine, satisfyingly rich meal and you swear you can't eat another bite....until the kitchen sends out a warm, gooey molten chocolate cake for the table and next thing you know, you're elbow deep in chocolate, over-indulgence and regret?  That's about how I'm feeling right now, and not just because all of my pants have elastic waistbands (I love you, maternity pants).

I've got so much going on right now (like most everyone I know), and I'm beginning to hear that little voice in my head that says, "put down the fork, lady, or someone is going to get hurt".  Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining.  I'm well aware that my days are really full of all wonderful things, from the duckling's second birthday for which I have no plans yet (here's looking at you, June 3rd) to my biggest work project of the year (I'm counting down to June 10th) plus a few more weeks of pregnancy (I've got your number, July 11th-ish) to a few other things I'll share once I can get them (and my calendar) in order.  

Going back to my dessert analogy, I'm not so full I'll puke, I've just got a little belly ache.  

With that said, you've probably noticed the pace has slowed a little around here.  I've had to scale back a little everywhere, including with the things I love most, like this blog and Trader Joe's Chocolate Cookie Jo Jo's.  I'll be taking it easy, posting still but not five full days, for a while until the Tums kick in and I can dive back into all my favorite activities with reckless abandon. 

And while I hate to start talking about tomorrow's menu before today's meal is through, I think you'll all be excited by what's to come once the dust (and the stomach) has settled.

Until then, in the spirit of setting reasonable expectations, here are five untackled pins from my "DIY Projects" pinboard that I am now publicly declaring I will never complete.

1. Make a Squirrel Stuffed Animal From An Old Glove

Even though one of my family's nicknames for me is "Squirrel", let's be honest with ourselves here.  I'm never making this.  I don't even own brown gloves. If I'm going to go all the way to the store to buy brown gloves, why not just buy a stuffed squirrel? 

2. Make all the Princess Dresses from One Pattern

Source: via Chrissann on Pinterest

Do you ever trick yourself into believing something about yourself that simply isn't true?  I spent years pretending to wear a size 10 shoe before I finally got real (and foot pain free) and admitted to myself I wear size 11.  Sasquatch. What.  I apparently also like to think that I know, or will one day know, how to sew.  Remember this project?  Princess Dresses, you've officially been dumped.  

3. DIY Maternity Skirt

from here
Yeah, right. 

4. Calligraphy for Beginners

from here

It's actually embarrassing how many projects I have filed under "for when I teach myself calligraphy".   I was in the gifted and talented program in elementary school, and one of our enrichment projects was learning calligraphy, and in retrospect, I stunk at it then and I'd probably stink at it now.  I'm a lefty.  Calligraphy, along with the graceful use of a can opener or a butter knife, just isn't in my cards.  

5. Change your Staples from Boring to Awesome in a Jiffy

Admit it.  You pinned this one, too.  Because for a half a second, in exactly the time it takes to click the "repin" button, you too convinced yourself that your staples should be special.  They should be gold.  I've got a nearly two-year-old under foot, a full time job, a baby coming in less than two months, dust bunnies lurking in the corner of my bedroom, and I think I need to take the time to paint my staples? Get a grip, lady.

What did you bite off that was too big to chew?  What projects are you read to file under "life's too short"?

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