Thursday, May 10, 2012

Blue or Pink, What Do You Think? Gender Reveal Roundup

 When we were pregnant with the duckling, we decided pretty early on that we wanted to wait until the birth to learn the baby's gender.  I was really intent on my husband being the one to announce the baby's sex to me, but in the final moments of delivery I got nervous that in all the excitement he may get it wrong (it wouldn't be the first time an umbilical cord was mistaken for a weiner).  Having heard my concern, my obstetrician made sure the baby's gender was clear, so she presented our son upside down, bottom up, to my husband so there wouldn't be any mistake.

Our first view of our son wasn't of his adorable face or chubby thighs, but of his twig and berries.

Had we decided to find out the gender in advance, I most certainly would have planned a little gender reveal shindig for our family and close friends.  Whether you bake the answer into a cake, read "boy" or "girl" over champagne, fill your house with blue balloons or wait until the birth, no matter when you learn what you're having it's always exciting.

Here are a few gender reveal ideas that caught my eye.


Hostesswiththemostess threw a darling "boys vs. girls" themed gender reveal party to announce the gender of their fourth child who would be blessed (or cursed) with three big brothers.  Turns out the fourth time was a charm - they had a girl!

Ontobaby featured this gender reveal party where the answer was revealed thorugh the frosting inside the cake.

Want to see what was inside?

Another member for Team Pink.

Laylagrace has a gender reveal after my own heart - it's duckling themed! 

Aside from sharing a nickname, it turns out Kate and Ryan's duckling is also a boy like mine.  Congrats!

Did you find out the gender beforehand?  How did you tell your family?

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