Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ducks In A Row Events Makes International News (sort of, but not really)

Happy Thursday, or Happy Friday-like Thursday to anyone who's fortunate enough to have tomorrow off in observance of Memorial Day.

photo by Marcella's dad Marcello, the coolest dad ever

A few friends sent this story to me today given my long-standing love affair with the bow bun.  Did you see the article?  A 4-year-old girl asked her hairstylist father to do her hair "like a princess" for her school photos.  He whipped up one amazing bow bun, but the school told her that she couldn't have her picture taken because her hairstyle was against the school's dress code, which doesn't allow braids or beads, according to this article my friend sent me. 

Marcella, darling, you are super fierce.  Your leopard hot pants and matching seasonal scarf are killing it.  And your hair?  Well you know I love it the most (well, maybe me and Lady Gaga co-love it the mostest). 

And if you want to get technical about the legality of your bow bun, feel free to direct those jealous school marms to my bow bun tutorial, which clearly illustrates nary a braid or bead touches our beloved bow bun.

Please send me a signed school photo (you know, if it's still cool to trade school pictures with your friends), and tell your dad he's totally rad.  Bow buns unite. 


  1. This is so cute!
    I would love to see what other photos you get!

    Angela - The Lovely Cup

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