Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mother of All Roundups - DIY (and more) Mother's Day Gifts

Today's our second installment of MOM WEEK posts celebrating my own lovely mom's visit this past weekend.

Since I'm too old to give her "chore coupons", I've pulled together a few DIY and regular gifts for the mom(s) in your life.

Because I'm subtle, I'm starting with a gift that I want. 

A personalized iphone case, courtesy here of shutterfly (although I should probably wait until #2 arrives to order one). 

I also love this darling spoon, as well as the "home is where your mom is spoon" seen above, from ForSuchATimeDesigns on Esty.  I found DIY instructions
here from intimateweddings to make your own, or you can buy completed ones from ForSuchATimeDesigns  in case you can't get your act together in time to make your own. 

While "succulent" may not be a word you associate with your mom on its own, pair it with these handmade clay planters for a mini succulent garden, created by sayyestohoboken, and you've got yourself an awesome mom gift.  

Considering my mom and my mother-in-law both have Kindles, why not start an e-book club with the lovely ladies in your life?  Heck, maybe you can even invite your sister or aunt to get in on the action.  Send your mom a kindle gift card to purchase the books of the month (sort of like steak of the month without all the hassle).  Here's a link to buy a kindle gift card.  What book would you propose for the first month?

Not to toot my own DIY horn (honk honk), but I have a great idea for a Mother's Day variation on this project that I posted a while back.

For the mom or grandmother with loved ones near and far, designate one person to assemble the shadow box, and then have each family member design or color a heart to send in.  Maw.

PS my friend from high school Meg just made one of these shadow boxes for her soon-to-arrive daughter (ohmygoshwouldn'titbeamazingifshewerebornonMother'sDay?!?!).  Maybe I can sweet talk her into sending in a picture to share.  Yoo hoo, Meg, hi.  It's me.  Remember that time when we first met Freshman year of high school at Kerri's house and you convinced me for an entire day that you were actually 12 years old, and I pretended to be cool with it but really I was totally freaked out since we were all 14 and how could a 12 year old be so tall?  Payback time. Send me a picture.   

What's the best Mother's Day gift you've given or received?


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