Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Reader Write-in: Meg Makes A Shadow Box

Last week I bullied sweet talked my high school friend Meg into sending me photos of her recent nursery decor project - a version of the greeting card shadow box I made for Baby Emma a while back.  Meg is due any day now with her first child, a baby girl who, if she's event half as charming, funny and sociable as her lovely mama, will turn out to be a pretty rad kid.  Yep, rad.  I said it.  Never stopped.  Don't call it a comeback, I been here for years.  (Thanks, LL Cool J.  Did you know that stands for "Ladies Love Cool James"? Of course you did.) 

Meg did her own take on the project, which just sets my little crafting heart all a-twitter.  I love seeing how others put their own stamp on an existing project, considering that's how most of my DIY ideas get started in the first place.  Here's what Mama-To-Be Meg wrote:


I finally took a picture of my little bridal shower card project and here it is!  It was fun to pour through the cards again after my shower and find little gems and putting it together was actually really easy.  I was able to use a big hole puncher I had leftover from some wedding projects.  And I used little packaged glue dots to make the cutouts sit up from the backing.  It looks great in her room!  You can't tell from the pictures but her walls are a light gray so the white and pastels really pop.  

Also - love love love the mother/daughter journal.  I'm totally ordering it for my mom for Mother's Day. I think she'll get a kick out of it!  Having a little one on the way definitely makes me appreciate my mom so much more so this will be fun to do together.  Hopefully my little girl likes me enough one day to think the same thing!  :)  



Double high five to Meg for using a hole punch left over from her wedding (I'm dying to know what it was for, but I know she's got her hands full, so I'll resist the temptation to ask).  I heart resourcefulness.  My favorite part about Meg's project?  The blue circle under the reflection in the glass reads "pee pee".  Amazing.

Also, if you didn't read the post Meg's referring to about the mother/daughter journal, you can find it here, and below is a photo of Baby Emma's heart-shaped shadow box in case you didn't catch that one either. And no, I won't judge if you have no idea what we're talking about and had to click through to all the links listed because you don't really read this blog and only clicked through because you saw it posted on Meg's Facebook page.  Hi.  Welcome.  That shirt looks great on you.  Let's be friends. Forever. 

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