Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What I Did This Weekend

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Many of you have asked what I do in my "real life", which I'm guessing refers to how I spend my time when I'm not spraypainting shower curtains or writing about my husband eating a banana while naked.  As I've mentioned before, I'm an event planner, having organized everything from weddings gay and straight to galas to Broadway opening nights. 

This past weekend, I planned my biggest event of the year alongside my colleague Suzanne (yes, it's cute, Chrissann and Suzanne) - the Tony Awards Gala.  After the broadcast you saw on television, 1,700 guests filled the Plaza Hotel, home of Eloise, for a giant, splashy affair that went on until the wee hours of the morning.  I loved everything about this party (except the time on the clock when I finally crawled into bed afterwards) and am thrilled to have been involved in such an exciting evening.  While there are tons of photos online of the party itself, here are a few quick "behind the scenes" photos I shot along the way to show some of what went into throwing such a big party.

It took 16 people and six hours to put together the 1,800 gift bags in anticipation for Sunday's soiree.  They were such a sight that more than one guest asked to pose with our small army of bags, which were eventually arranged in perfect rows from one end of the room to another.  The photo above was midway through the process during the "it looks worse before it looks better" phase, not unlike a pre-season closet purge. 

The Plaza really is an incredible place, and little details peek out from every corner to remind you just how special the place really is, from the photos of Marilyn Monroe or the Beatles partying in the Oak Room to the monogrammed door knobs in the hotel room bathrooms. 

Everything decor-wise was pink and orange, with gorgeous lighting and lovely flowers provided by our vendors.  A party this big requires lots of everything.  See the votives in the photo below?  We had over 400 of them.  Thankfully the lighting of the candles was on someone else's to do list.

One of the best things about this (and as far as I'm concerned, any) party was the food.  As the first private event in the newly expanded Plaza Food Hall, guests got a taste of over 14 different purveyors, everything from individual s'mores to sumptuous lobster rolls.  You couldn't turn around without seeing a new and delicious item to try.  While I didn't nab one of these little guys below, I did help myself to a cookies and cream frozen yogurt with oreo and cookie dough topping at two in the morning.  There's never a wrong time for frozen yogurt, especially when you're nine months pregnant.

Speaking of being pregnant, I managed in the 11th hour to find something respectable to wear (which I was too busy to snap a photo of unfortunately), but I did give in as the night went on and changed into my "sensible" shoe wear, also known as Sperry boat shoes, to prevent too much sexy ankle swelling.  And yes, those are athletic socks.  Is that embarrassing?  Yes.  Do I care? Not enough to not post it on the internet.  That's what I call keeping it real.  Luckily no one was interested in looking at my feet with James Marsden and John Stamos in the room.

Around 3am, shortly after this photo, I hopped in a cab tired but happy, propped my barking dogs up on the seat, rolled down the windows and watched a very quiet although never asleep Manhattan pass by out my window.

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