Monday, July 9, 2012

Womb & Board

First off, we're down to the wire with the baby countdown.  To keep myself busy, I made a little poll about the gender of Baby Two. Oh boy....or girl. What's your vote?

Also, feel free to leave name guesses (or suggestions) in the comments, especially if you have a good idea for the little one's nickname.  Duckling + ______________?  (PS - If you're interested in the gender reveal party roundup we did back in May, you can find the link here.)

Back to today's post.  I am totally guilty of complaining to anyone who will listen when I have a terrible customer service experience (I'm looking at you, American Airlines.  Your customer service is so un-American that you should be forced to legally change your name.  I hear Soviet Airlines is available.  Yeah, I said it.  I'm pregnant, hormonal, and if I'm not afraid to ask a stranger for their seat on the subway, I certainly have no problem telling you exactly what I think.  Get it together already, sheesh.).  On the other hand, when something goes well, companies deserve to have their good manners and customer service broadcast just as far and as wide as when you have one of those nightmare "I've been on hold for 45 minutes" experiences.  Who gets the gold star today?

Room & Board (hence the punny post title). 

When we moved into our current apartment three years ago, we made our first "big boy and girl" purchase - a grown-up couch from Room and Board, complete with an aerobed style sleeper sofa. 

Photo from
Fast forward three years and a toddler later, and our couch cushions, despite regular care & maintenance, were lumpy and saggy.  (That makes two of us.  Wokka wokka.)  I remembered having a positive experience during the sales process, so I figured I'd give them a call about our couch cushions.  The representative asked me to send in photos of the couch, which I did on Thursday after employing my husband to model how flat the cushions get when you sit on them. 

Nice legs. Wait, are you flexing your calves for the camera? 

The representative replied the next day, Friday, that I would hear from someone in my area on Monday, and sure enough at 9:05 while I was in line at Dunkin Donuts (don't judge, iced vanilla decaf coffee is hard to come by in these parts) my phone rang.  They are sending me replacement cushion fills within 6 - 8 weeks. Ipso schmipso.

Room & Board, you are a winner.  If I could rub your feet (or couch legs in your case) I would.

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  1. I feel like it's the year of the girl. I know so many expecting girls.

    Duckling + Chickadee or Duckling + Peanut? So excited for you! xo Suz


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