Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Getting to Know You

My little birdie is three weeks old, and we're all gettting to know our newest brood member in our own way.  Needless to say she and I spend lots of time together what with all the breastfeeding and outfit changes.  My husband is terrified of her chicken limbs, so I've traded him baby outfit changing for big boy diaper changing.  There are plenty of chores and dirty diapers to go around, that's for certain.

The duckling has adjusted pretty well, loves sharing a blanket with his sister and is also showing a newfound and intense interest in boobs.  

My husband has also adjusted to two kids pretty quickly, loves poking at her chubby cheeks and still has a longstanding and intense interest in boobs.  Like father like son.  

Overall, we're all loving having a new roommate.  Even the birdie seems pretty pumped.

And believe it or not, I've actually done a few little diy projects around the house, the first being jury rigging light fixtures for over the fireplace.  When we moved in, there were these two sconces over the fireplace that looked similar to this:

In order to turn them on you had to actually screw the lightbulb into the fixture, not unlike the electric Christmas candles my mom put in the windows of our house each December growing up.  Wanting to update the sconces with switches and with a different look, I jury rigged two more traditional looking sconces from Home Depot, below, to be able to accommodate more vintage looking Edison bulbs.  

Here's the original...

And here's my version...

I nabbed a 1 1/4" coupling from the plumbing department and spray painted that sucker oil rubbed bronze to match the sconce.  You can't make it out in the photo, but the bulb has exposed filaments, giving a warm, vintage glow when turned on (with a switch).

There are two, one on each side of my husband's new tv.  The duckling approves.

I also bought the supplies for but haven't started the process of making roman shades.  Of course I'll be attempting to whip up window treatments without having to sew, since, well, Mama doesn't sew.  I'll be sure to share the up's and down's as I go.  

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