Wednesday, September 26, 2012

So We Have to Say Goodbye to the Summer

It's been a while since I've written, making this my unofficial summer of silence as far as the old blog goes.  As you may remember (although it's been a while since we've caught up so I don't blame you if you in fact don't), we had a baby one Friday in July and moved the next, leaving behind Brooklyn and heading west for the 'burbs.

While there's certainly been plenty to share, I've found that my case of baby brain has been so acute that I can barely carry on a conversation.  Add to this that I spend most of my days with a newborn and a two-year-old, and I quickly forgot how to talk to humans who don't wear diapers.  Just the other night we were out to dinner at an Asian restaurant in our new town.  My husband requested chopsticks from the server, to which I excitedly added, "MMMM, chopsticks!  YUM!"

So severe are the holes in my brain that I fear I may actually forget a good deal of what has actually happened this summer.  I've had good intentions in terms of sharing, including "before" and "after" photos of our in-progress changes to the house, but I blink and next thing I know a week has passed.  So before even more time slips away, I thought I'd give a little recap. (PS I started this post six days ago.)

Having a Baby (Again)

Overall the whole "baby part", as promised by many moms with multiple children, has been so much easier compared to my first time around with the duckling.  From the relative lack of sleep to my general anxiety about something terrible happening at any given moment, everything seems like small potatoes, maybe because I know that we'll all make it through relatively unscathed.  If we made it through the duckling's first year with only one call to 911, I'm hoping the second time around will be emergency call free.  In short, there's a lot hand sanitizer in my life this time around.  That said, there are a lot of little things I forgot about babies since my last rodeo:

- they collect moist, drool-soaked lint balls in between their fingers, inside their clenched fists and in between their toes
- their socks always fall off
- clipping their fingernails makes me feel like I'm in a bomb defusing scene from The Hurt Locker
- baby poop stains everything
- soapy babies are really slippery in the bath

Having an Older Baby (who's not a baby at all but will always be my baby)

Overnight the duckling went from being my oversized baby to being a monstrous, 30-something pound giant who I could barely carry.  It's all relative, but he aged about a million years in the four pushes it took for the birdie to come into the world.  Notes on the duckling:

- he's an awesome big brother.  Save for one or two (expected) limit-testing moments, he's been incredibly sweet with his little sister.  He will randomly declare once each day, "I love her", at which point I melt into a big fat puddle on the floor.  Just this week, he rubbed her hair while the doctor checked to make sure her cold was just a cold, telling her wisely, "don't worry, it's okay, the doctor is going to make you feel better."
- we took him to the zoo a month ago, and he hasn't been the same since.  We are required to review all the animals we saw that day every single day.  And every single day he says, "Mommy, I forgot!  We saw camels!".  He also now prefaces a handful of nouns with the word "monkey", including slides, yogurt and Nutrigrain bars, which are now called "monkey bars".

Having a Husband in the 'Burbs
- he's gone "all or nothing" when it comes to life out here, whining this past weekend that he's the only guy on our block without a leaf blower and recently pointing to a minivan and saying, "that minivan looks really nice."  I'm wondering if he hired a body double to come out here, while the "real" husband lives the single life back in Brooklyn.  The man I married would have never said "minivan"and "nice" in the same sentence unless said minivan in question was overflowing with topless co-eds.
- I now know that my husband screams like a girl when he sees a spider.

My Life in the 'Burbs
- I now have a keychain full of plastic "super shopper" savings cards.
- I've picked up a mom at the grocery store, one at the park and one on a bench outside a restaurant.   My Brooklyn friend who came to visit called me a "mom " because I pick up potential new mom friends everywhere I go.
- I'm still doing some craft projects, it just takes me seventeen times longer than it used to.  The good news is there's no shortage of projects on the to do list, the bad news is I'll probably only realistically get to half of them.  Naptime is my favorite part of the day.  I'm thiiiiis close to finishing my roman shades, which I started oh, about nine weeks ago.   Sneak peek above.  I hope to have them done before 2013. Seriously.

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