Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ride That (Pumpkin) Train

In Brooklyn we had pumpkins, and in Brooklyn we had trains, but what we didn't have in Brooklyn was the Pumpkin Train, a phenomenon new to me which happened to be one of the most exciting activities we've done with the duckling yet.  Yes, the birdie baby came along as well, but she spent 90% of the trip like this (forgive the blurry focus, I took this one while holding her, only one of the many things I've done with a baby in my arms in recent months, including peeing, baking fig bread and planting mums in the front yard).

Before we get to the pumpkins, there was our city slicker run-in with the petting zoo.  The duckling wanted exactly zero to do with touching the animals, but us big kids gave it a go.

Thanks to this trip, I can now say I've pet a cow while nursing a baby. Who says I'm not a good multi-tasker?

When the duckling was a newborn, I was skiddish about nursing anywhere but in the comfort of my own home. Even though I've always been, um, voluptuous (my college roommates used to call me "Stripper Tits", but, you know, in a nice way), once I started nursing my boobs got so big that even my husband avoided making direct eye contact with them.  This time around, I don't give nursing in public a second thought, in part because I'm too busy to structure my day around being home for every feeding, and also because at this point I feel like no one is really looking at my boobs anyways.  No one except for maybe this baby cow.  Just to give you an idea, here's a partial list of the places I nursed the baby on this little family outing:

- standing in a pumpkin patch (yep, still nursing that baby in the picture wonder she gained four pounds in her first eight weeks)
- riding on a train
- lost in a corn maze
- peeing in a port-a-potty (what can I say, I've got skillz.  With a z.)

But back to the pumpkins.  I think my husband actually enjoyed the pumpkin picking more than the duckling did.

Ladies, lock up your pumpkins.  My husband the victorious pumpkin hunter is on the loose.

Here's another pic of the duckling in the pumpkin patch because, well, it's my blog and I like looking at pictures of chubby toddlers snuggling with a pumpkin. 

What's that? You want more pictures of chubby toddlers snuggling with a pumpkin?  Well you're in luck, because apparently pumpkin snuggling is hereditary.

Yep, that's me as a chubby toddler snuggling with a pumpkin twenty-something Halloween's ago. 

You may be asking yourself what the birdie thought of all of this.  Frankly, she seemed unimpressed.

Here's a mother-daughter photo op as we walked back to the train with our bounty.

Not exactly psyched out of her mind. I think she's too sophisticated for us.  Or maybe it's the whole "suburbs" thing.

Either way, back on the train we went.

There was even an open air car with haybale benches for the rugged and intrepid types.  Clearly that wasn't us.  I think the duckling's face says it all.

All in all we had a great time and are looking forward to the "Polar Express" themed train ride this winter.  The birdie is already planning her outfit. I have two words for you - "chinchilla" "muff". Enough said.


  1. Oh my gosh! You're little boy is so so cute! And of course your sweet baby is precious as well!!

  2. Thanks so much! of course i agree with you, but i'm totally biased! :) thanks for reading!

  3. the picture of you as Annie... dying!

  4. Looks like it was a great day out!

    Do you mind if I pin the photo of your son looking out the train window? It's an especially wonderful photograph.


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