Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hook a Sister Up - Board + Batten Entryway Project

My husband and I have our equal share of pet peeves around the house.  He gets annoyed when I leave the light on in the basement (weird sounds come from the boiler and I get scared a sea creature is going to come up through the sump pump and bite my ankles), and I just don't understand why he can't put his dishes in the dishwasher (anyone want to explain this to me?).  However, in the words of Abe Lincoln, "a friend is one who has the same enemies as you have."  Our common foe? Coats. 

Without a formal entryway or hall closet by the front door, our arrival home had come to include some combination of dropping the diaper bag, dropping the groceries, dropping the kids (somewhere soft and not on their heads) and dropping our coats wherever we were standing when we got hot....on top of a bag, on the backs of chairs, or dangling over the stool in the kitchen. 

I decided it was high time to give our rogue coats a home, the only logical location being this unclaimed, empty wall space by the front door.

With a only drill and a saw (and a burning desire to never again lean back against a wet, smelly coat draped over the couch), we installed this board and batten entryway.

And, apparently, a lumpy rug.  (I'm taking the "Fat Amy" approach here from Pitch Perfect - if I say it before you do, then you won't say it behind my back.  Because I know you're thinking it.  Or maybe you didn't notice what with the shiny brass doorknob glaring at you.  I know.  It's on my list.)

The process was fairly straightforward, just a lot of measuring (and measuring again and cutting mitered corners for the shelves with a hand saw because I think callouses are awesome).  The only "oops, didn't think of that" moment was with regards to the brackets for the shelves.  I didn't want the door to hit the shelves if someone were to open the door with enthusiasm (my two year old likes to make an entrance), so I decided to cut them to a mere 5" wide.  Guess what - they don't sell affordable wood shelf brackets at such a small size (especially once you take out another 1/2" for the vertical board it would be affixed to).  What's a girl to do? Panic.  Then cry a little.  Then eat a Fun Size Twix bar you find in the bottom of your purse left over from Halloween.  And then solve the problem, as us women folk are apt to do.  Here's my solution.  Know what it is?

A bracket.  For a handrail.  If you got it right I'll give you a bite of my Twix. 

Here's the right-hand side as you come down the stairs. 

My favorite little detail is the row of key hooks above the lightswitch. 

Phase two of the project will be to add a bench on the left with a little storage underneath. 



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