Monday, December 17, 2012

Pin It! Map Edition

I haven't mentioned it here before, but we put in a new bathroom on our first floor.  Truth be told I half forgot it was new.  Between permit delays and the hurricane, we lived with some state of half-completion for a few months, and at least twice a day I still catch myself running upstairs to winkle. 

The longer I lived with the idea of some day having a completed bathroom, the bolder I became with my decisions for its finishes.  Navy walls? Check.  A yellow door the color of buttered corn? Sign me up.  An interactive bulletin board map to pin your hometown while you pee?  Sure, why not (as long as you wash your hands first). 

Introducing my little bathroom map.

Oh, and said yellow door.  It's always sunny in our loo.

Here are a few more shots of the map, which was really simple to put together. 

Here's the view from the throne.

All the Grannies in the house throw your pins up.

All the Statues in the house throw your torches up.

I used an old IKEA frame and a simple square of cork, cut to size, which I then glued into place.  Obviously you'll have to remove the glass.  I then glued the map onto the cork.

As for the pins, I had a bunch left over from my no-sew roman shade project, and since our door looks like the inside of a Peep, I figured that unless you're a grumpy old troll who hates sunshine and rainbows, a little more yellow wouldn't hurt anyone.

 I'm still not sure how I got my husband, whose family's first foray to the South was for our wedding, to agree to let me display the words "howdy" in our house, but I did.  I'm magical, y'all.


  1. I don't know how I'm missed this post. I LOVE this! Do people keep up with it?

    1. Yes!! I think we are up to 10pins. I always Love discovering a new one after we have guests. :)

  2. You should have one of the world - I'd place a pin from Sydney!


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