Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What's 25 plus 1,500? (AKA My Other Life As An Event Planner)

Ever wonder what 1,500 candles looks like? 

photo from playbill.com
Like this.

And how do I know?  That happens to be me pictured on the stairs (a happy accident since I'm usually so behind the scenes that I've been accused of being part ninja).  In fact, I wish I wasn't in the picture at all, because now my mom knows I was outside in 15 degree weather with no coat on. Caught in the act. But my neuroses got the best of me, and I just couldn't resist that last-minute check that everything was just right before 1,250 guests flocked to the New York Public Library to celebrate Phantom of the Opera's 25th anniversary performance. Eventually I'll try to share more about what was a lovely and memorable evening, but for now I'll sum it up with one word - phantastic. 

PBS did a piece this weekend on the show, including a few impressive facts and figures($5.6 billion dollars gross worldwide? Wow).  Take a listen here

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